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`Organizing the Recovery
from the Great Crash of 2007'

1:00 p.m. Eastern, 10:00 A.M. Pacific
1800 UTC

Nov. 9, 2006 (EIRNS)—The LaRouche Political Action Committee has announced that it is sponsoring a webcast event in Washington, D.C., featuring Lyndon LaRouche. The webcast will be a continuation of the two recent Berlin events addressed by LaRouche, with an even more structured focus on a series of major international policy issues that form the agenda for the new incoming U.S. Congress.

The event shall be four hours, to allow for an initial musical presentation by the LaRouche Youth Movement under John Sigerson's direction. That will set the tone for the discussion that will follow. In reversal of the Sept. 6 and Oct. 31 Berlin events, Europe will arrange a parallel evening event in Berlin, at 7:00 p.m. local time (1:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time), so that the international dialogue can continue. Similar arrangements shall be made for participation from other world capitals, where time zones permit.

The live event will be streamed in Windows Media format, via the LaRouche PAC's website, www.larouchepac.com.