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LaRouche Denounces British War Lies

Aug. 29, 2007 (EIRNS)—This statement was issued today by the Lyndon LaRouche Political Action Committee (LPAC).

Lyndon LaRouche today denounced a British think tank study claiming that the United States can obliterate Iran's nuclear program, defense infrastructure, and government in a matter of hours, calling it "a filthy pack of lies," aimed at inducing President George "My name is legion" Bush into a flight-forward attack on the Islamic Republic, that would throw the world into a cataclysmic Hundred Years War.

The study, widely reported in the U.S. media, was issued on Aug. 28 by Daniel Plesch and Martin Butcher.

LaRouche's reference to Bush as "My name is legion" is from the New Testament Gospel of Mark 5:1-10, which recounts Jesus' encounter with a tormented man, who was beset by so many mental demons that he was completely out of control. Based on President Bush's speech on Aug. 28 before the American Legion, in which he fulminated against Iran and warned of a "nuclear holocaust" if Iran obtained a nuclear bomb, LaRouche warned that the President is clearly in very bad psychological shape, and any British efforts to encourage the President to order strikes on Iran, based on deluded claims of American military capabilites that do not exist, is most dangerous and perfidious.

American military experts contacted by Executive Intelligence Review also denounced the Plesch-Butcher study, citing the failures of the U.S. "shock and awe" bombing campaign in Iraq, and warning that the United States does not have the kind of capacity-in-depth claimed by the British authors, without diverting vital equipment from other theaters of operation, including Afghanistan.

LaRouche warned that, given the apparent state of mind at the White House, as reflected in the President's American Legion speech, one cannot rule out such a wild redeployment of military assets, in pursuit of an assault on Iran. On Aug. 17, 2007, Executive Intelligence Review published a psychiatric assessment of the President's state of mind by Dr. Justin Frank, a noted George Washington University Medical Center professor, who authored the 2004 book Bush on the Couch. Dr. Frank warned of the President's deteriorating mental state, and specifically wrote of his concerns about a flight-forward order to bomb Iran.

Lyndon LaRouche drew the parallel between the intensifying war hype against Iran and Hitler's behavior on the eve of the Nazi invasion of Poland. Such historical comparisons, LaRouche said, are harsh, but appropriate, and cannot be avoided, if war is to be prevented.

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