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Giuliani Was Set Up!

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Nov. 11, 2007 (EIRNS)—This statement was released yesterday by the Lyndon LaRouche Political Action Committee (LPAC).

If you wish, you could ask Senator Chuck Hagel; but, I do not think he would wish to answer at this time.

If statistical analysis means anything, the build-up of former NY Mayor Giuliani as a "hot prospect" for the man to beat Hillary Clinton in the coming U.S. Presidential election, was a crafted set-up, designed to clear the decks for the present New York Mayor to emerge, as if "miraculously," as Senator Hillary Clinton's really intended Republican challenger.

All of the relevant Republican king-makers had known fully in advance of the scandal which would bring Mafia creation Giuliani down, using the case-in-preparation against Bernard Kerik to spring the trap being set against Giuliani. To make Mayor Michael Bloomberg a serious contender, Giuliani had to be brought down, but only after "Queen for a Day" Giuliani's brief trip to euphoria had cleared the deck for the operation which would use Giuliani as the way to weaken other Republican contenders sufficiently to make Giuliani's fall the opportunity for Mayor Bloomberg to become (at least apparently so) a virtual shoo-in for the Republican nomination.

Briefly, therefore: The Republican option for defeating Senator Clinton, is to put a "white horse" in the position of the kind of "People's Choice" which would be a politically saleable product under the presently shattered reputations of both the Republican Party, and a Pelosi-discredited Democratic pack.

To come close to accomplishing that sort of political coup d'etat in the present U.S. Presidential race, Giuliani must be built up to the degree that his sudden, disastrous fall into a political "Black Sox" scandal, would wreck the presently on-going Republican campaign sufficiently to discredit both Giuliani and all his leading current rivals for the Republican nomination. That is exactly what has been done, as (obviously) pre-scripted.

The standard, expert method for bringing a dictator, such as Mussolini or Hitler, to power by popular acceptance of a duped electorate, is to stun that electorate with a shocking scandal against the leading, existing party systems.

The implied plan behind this hanging Giuliani up high enough to drop him, is: "Suckers of the world unite, if you have actually already lost your brains!"

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