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Use PLHINO Project To
Solve Immigration Crisis

Dec. 3, 2007 (EIRNS)—This release was issued today by the Lyndon LaRouche Political Action Committee (LPAC).

If 1 to 2 million Mexicans are thrown back from the United States without jobs to return to, this would produce chaos in Mexico, U.S. statesman Lyndon LaRouche warned again today. Mexico needs to undertake the construction of the available infrastructure projects which can absorb the people being sent back into Mexico, and the United States must help Mexico on this.

You have to take the projects which are available, and the North West Hydraulic Plan (PLHINO) is the best for that, LaRouche commented. In this situation, what is needed is "high-gain per-capita" projects, which have a quick effect, and provide long-term benefit. This will help alleviate the tensions building between the two countries over this issue.

This week's issue of LaRouche's Executive Intelligence Review magazine includes a 16-page package, replete with maps and tables, laying out the great benefits which cooperation on such great regional water projects will bring the United States, Canada and Mexico, replacing the deadly North American Free Trade Accord (NAFTA). (The full package will be available on both the EIR and LPAC websites by Tuesday, Dec. 4.) According to the EIR package: an integrated approach to three great water projects, dubbed "NAWAPA-plus," of the PLHINO and its southern counterpart, the Northern Gulf Hydraulic Plan (PLHIGON) and the North American Water and Power Alliance (NAWAPA)— will produce such stunning results over a 30-year period, as:

  • "Water: It will increase Mexico's freshwater withdrawals by nearly 70%, from today's 77 cubic kilometers per year, to 140 km3, for use in industry, households, and agriculture.

  • "Irrigated Land: It will add about 5 million hectares of new irrigated land to the 6.5 million that currently exist in Mexico—a 75% increase.

  • "Food: It will increase food production dramatically: Grains, for example, will eventually rise by as much as 20 million tons per year, nearly doubling today's production of 25 million tons. This will vastly improve the nutrition of the existing population of 108 million, help feed Mexicans born in the coming years, and also those will be returning from the United States.

  • "Employment: Perhaps a million Mexicans will be employed directly in the construction of the PLHINO and the PHLIGON projects at their height—including dams, tunnels, canals, and pumping stations. Millions of additional jobs will be created to produce the cement, steel, and machinery for these projects, and to farm the 5 million hectares of newly irrigated land.

  • "High technology: Beyond the significant increase in hydroelectric power from the PLHINO and PLHIGON projects, nuclear energy and nuclear-powered desalination plants are an essential feature of NAWAPA-Plus. The development of this technology, along with magnetic levitation for the high-speed rail lines that will parallel the water routes from the Bering Strait down to the Darien Gap, will provide the science driver for the entire region."

Included in the package also are articles on the mobilization in Mexico for construction of the PLHINO, kicked off by the LaRouche forces in the state of Sonora, and the stunning phase shift into mass expulsions of Mexicans and other Hispanics from the United States, which is driving the Hispanic community into a "siege mentality."

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