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LaRouche's HBPA At the Mayors' Conference

Jan. 24, 2008 (EIRNS)—This release was issued today by the Lyndon LaRouche Political Action Committee (LPAC).

Lyndon LaRouche's representatives, for the second day at the National Mayors' Conference meeting in Washington, raised LaRouche's HBPA and the hyperinflationary financial crash at the mayors' leadership press conference.

Before reporters asked their pointless questions about whether various bits of "help for homeowners" would appear in the so-called "economic stimulus package" from the White House, a LaRouche representative posed the only actually practical question. Why — he asked Conference chairman Mayor Douglas Palmer of Trenton and a dozen other mayors — with the economy not in a "housing meltdown" but a financial crash, huge bank losses and insolvency as well as mass home foreclosures, and Federal Reserve bail-outs triggering waves of inflation against the dollar, don't you press Congress for legislation that will protect and reorganize banks as well as stopping foreclosures, the Homeowners and Bank Protection Act..." Mayor Palmer interrupted to call it "a very hard question," just as he had at the Jan. 23 midday leadership press conference.

But this time, two other mayors who had spoken with LaRouche PAC organizers the previous day, interjected that they "want to hear what we're being asked about explained more fully." This gave the opportunity for a briefing to the mayors on the HBPA and its backing. And this time, Mayor Palmer responded that he knew about "LaRouche's legislation idea, and that there are cities that have gotten behind it; in my area, Newark, and East Orange, and I believe Philadelphia has signed on to it. We have to look at that. We're mayors, we're dealing with problems, and we need real solutions."