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British Agent Al Gore
Is Taking People's Food Away!

April 15, 2008 (EIRNS)—This release was issued as a leaflet today by the Lyndon LaRouche Political Action Committee (LPAC).

You've seen the news headlines on the food riots now going on in more than 33 countries worldwide, riots provoked by absolute shortages and the skyrocketing price of the bare essentials of life. What the mass media won't tell you is that this is a totally predictable development, an indictment of globalization and the bankruptcy of the world financial system, and part of the depopulation policy of the British Empire.

And if we don't reverse the biofuels fraud which British agent Al Gore is promoting, mass death is inevitable. Don't fall for the lies.

Lie: The food crisis is the result of "protection" imposed by nations desperate to save their farmers and people.

The Truth: It is the insistence by the World Trade Organization (WTO) and other financial institutions that nations give up food security policies and tariffs, that has led to this disaster.

Lie: The food price rise is the result of increased demand for quality food by populous nations like China.

The Truth: Skyrocketing prices are the result of market manipulation by grain cartels and speculators, who are determined to make a killing in the food market.

Lie: The food shortage is the result of "overpopulation," especially in Third World nations.

The Truth: The shortages are the result of a deliberate British free trade policy by financial institutions, that nations must abandon the policy of maintaining food reserves, and produce only for the market, and the denial of life-saving technologies to poor nations.

Lie: The massive increase in biofuel production has "inadvertently" led to shortages of staples like corn and wheat that people need to eat.

The Truth: The drive for biofuels, by Prince Charles' great friend Al Gore, is an unscientific fraud and financial scam, which the financial oligarchy knew would lead to mass death.

What we are dealing with here is the result of the United States abandoning FDR's policies, and yielding instead to the British imperial global policies represented by Gore, and all the leading financial institutions, over the past decades. With the breakdown of the world financial system, the British oligarchy is desperate to save itself, by launching war and chaos against the nations of Eurasia and Africa. If it is left in charge, it will lead to mass death—by famine and war.

On April 14, Lyndon LaRouche issued the following policy statement for dealing with the food crisis. Combined with the three-point program which LaRouche issued March 17 (see reverse side), this is the only means by which mankind can save itself from a New Dark Age.

  • Every nation must have the right to self-defense against famine, contrary to the genocidal free trade dictates which have been imposed by the IMF and World Bank. This means the right to carry out export controls, nation-to-nation agreements, and whatever price-fixing measures may be required to guarantee food security to its people.

  • A coalition of nations must come together to immediately put measures into effect that will increase food production, and make it available to countries in dire need.

  • The biofuel policy pushed by British agent Al Gore must immediately be reversed. This policy is currently wresting food from the mouths of the poor, by using up to 12 percent of the world's corn harvest, and a large portion of oilseeds, and even wheat, as fodder for wasteful, inherently uneconomical biofuels. Such a policy, coming on top of the British East India-style policy of free trade and market-based production, means inevitable mass death.