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LaRouche: Democratic Party Should Stop Promoting Al Gore

April 24, 2008 (EIRNS)—This release was issued today by the Lyndon LaRouche Political Action Committee (LPAC).

In a statement released today, former Democratic Presidential candidate and leading economist Lyndon LaRouche declared that the Democratic Party should stop promoting former vice-president Al Gore, now.

"Al Gore is promoting outright genocide through his advocacy of biofuels and the global warming fraud, at precisely the moment of food shortages and growing famine around the world," LaRouche said. "The Party must dump him from any kind of spokesman role, immediately."

"Gore should be allowed to keep his party membership," LaRouche added, "but he should not be promoted. His current role calls up memories of the Democratic nomination fight of 1932, with Gore currently playing the part of Morgan banking agent John Raskob, who did his best to prevent the nomination of Franklin Roosevelt. Of course, Howard 'Scream' and others are competing with Gore for this filthy role."

"Let the fight for the nomination continue," LaRouche concluded, "but remove Al Gore from the picture, now."