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LaRouche Denounces DNC Treachery, Calls on Hillary Clinton To Take the Fight for the Nation to Denver

June 2, 2008 (EIRNS)—This release was issued yesterday by the Lyndon LaRouche Political Action Committee (LPAC).

Lyndon LaRouche today denounced Democratic National Committee Chairman and George Soros/London stooge Howard "Scream" Dean, for conducting a flagrantly fraudulent operation, against the vital interests of the United States and civilization as a whole. By steering the Democratic Party Rules Committee to take the fraudulent action of literally stealing Hillary Clinton delegates in Michigan and Florida, and disenfranchising millions of citizens of equal representation, in order to impose a loser candidate, Barack Obama, on the Democratic Party, against the will of the American people, Dean has shown his true colors.

LaRouche declared that "Dean and company have conducted what must be assessed in its consequences as a fraudulent operation against the vital interests of the U.S.A., particularly against the interests of those Americans in the lower 80 percent income brackets, who have voted, at current account, overwhelmingly for Hillary Clinton, because they view her as the only candidate addressing the life-and-death issues that concern them the most."

LaRouche added, "This is not an issue of which, among two candidates, to back. It is an issue of fraud against the U.S. Constitution and relevant laws, an act against the people and Constitution of the U.S.A. You don't go to a crooked judge for justice. You go for his impeachment. The performance of Howard Dean and his allies at yesterday's Rules Committee meeting, makes it perfectly clear that they are out to defraud and betray the American people. The American people need a different option."

For this reason, LaRouche has encouraged Hillary Clinton to take this fight all the way to the Democratic Convention in August, and for Senator Obama to defend his honor and the people of the United States by supporting her in this matter, respecting the lawfulness and honor of the general elections in November.

"Between now and the time of the Democratic convention in August, the country is going to be hit with crises beyond belief. The entire financial system is coming down, and nothing is being done about it—certainly nothing is coming from the Bush Administration. By November, the crisis will be far worse. This is reality," LaRouche asserted. "The majority among the lower 80 percent see Hillary Clinton as their candidate, and they would see the failure of her party to defend their vote as a betrayal of our nation. Anyone who would defect from the vote of that majority, under pressure from the likes of Howard 'Scream,' Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and George Soros would live in shame and infamy thereafter. Our Federal Constitution, and its included Preamble, is not to be played with while there are still patriots around prepared to uphold it."

LaRouche warned, "A foreign-controlled candidate cannot be allowed to destroy the United States. That is what we face with an Obama, who has been lured into the error of publicly declaring his affiliation to the interests of a London-dominated Anglo-American foreign interest, in the name of a sophistry called 'Special Relationship.'"

LaRouche particularly denounced London's boy George Soros and his Democracy Alliance of billionaire speculators, for literally attempting to buy up the Democratic Party on behalf of a hostile foreign power. He said that "They are attempting to force Hillary Clinton to drop out of the race at precisely the moment of the greatest popular support for her candidacy. This is a London-directed operation against the United States, and no patriotic American can tolerate it."

LaRouche announced that LPAC is preparing, for immediate release, a dossier on Soros' crooked operations, conduited through MoveOn and other Democracy Alliance conduits, to buy off Democratic delegates—directly against the will of the people. LaRouche declared, "I call on Senator Obama, as a matter of conscience, and his personal honor, to denounce this MoveOn swindle, which has thus sullied his personal honor and his name."

LaRouche concluded, "The Democratic Party cannot win in November if they tolerate the fraud which Chairman Dean has orchestrated, especially the kind of flagrant, public fraud to which, yesterday by the Dean-contaminated Rules Committee, it has submitted.

"This fraudulent operation is a copy of the same operation that was attempted against Franklin D. Roosevelt, at the 1932 Democratic Convention in Chicago, on behalf of a foreign power, the United Kingdom, which has intervened to attempt to take over the U.S. Presidency. This attempted betrayal of our Republic's sovereignty must be struck down now, while we still have a sovereignty to defend."

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