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Eichman and Soros: A Case in Perfidy

July 15, 2008 (EIRNS)—This release was issued yesterday by the Lyndon LaRouche Political Action Committee (LPAC).

If anyone should be put on trial before the International Criminal Court, on charges of genocide and crimes against humanity, it is George Soros. Not only has Soros conducted murderous speculative assaults against the nations of the developing sector, causing countless deaths. By his own admission, in his own words, and in the words of his own father, George Soros was a witting participant in the Holocaust, as a Nazi collaborator in his native Hungary.

As a young man, in Budapest, George Soros was a courier for the Jewish Council, the Nazi-established and Nazi-run organization that ran the Jewish community. The Jewish Council was ultimately controlled by Adolf Eichmann, the man known as the "architect of the Holocaust," who was in charge of the mass deportation of the Jews of Poland and Hungary to the extermination camps. Eichmann arrived in Budapest in early 1944, to take charge of the elimination of the Hungarian Jews. Before Eichmann left, 430,000 Hungarian Jews had been put to their death. In 1960, agents of the Israeli Mossad kidnapped Adolf Eichmann from Argentina, and brought him to Israel, to stand trial as a war criminal. During the trial, Eichmann was kept in a glass cage. He was convicted, sentenced to death, and was executed in 1962.

In his 1965 memoir of the wartime, Masquerade—Dancing Around Death in Nazi-Occupied Hungary, George Soros' father, Tivadar Soros, devoted an entire chapter to the Jewish Council, and his son's involvement.

"When systematic persecution of the Jews began," Tivadar Soros wrote, "it was carried out not by the Germans, nor by their Hungarian lackeys, but—most astonishingly—by the Jews themselves. One of the first things the Germans did was to form a so-called Jewish Council, consisting of the leaders of the Jewish community. Council members were made personally responsible for the implementation of the various German measures relating to the Jewish population. As a reward, they, their families, and those who worked for them were exempted, at least at the beginning, from these restrictions... The Jewish Council carried out the German wishes far more conscientiously than the Germans could themselves."

Tivadar Soros described his son George's role. "As Jews couldn't go to school any more and their teachers couldn't teach, they were ordered to report to council headquarters. The children were enlisted as couriers under the command of their teachers. My younger son, George, also became a courier. On the second day, he returned home at seven in the evening.

"'What did you do all day?' 'Mostly nothing. But this afternoon I was given some notices to deliver to various addresses.' 'Did you read what they said?' 'I even brought one home.' He handed me a small slip of paper, with a typewritten message [a summons]. 'Do you know what this means?' I asked him. 'I can guess,' he replied, with great seriousness. 'They'll be interned.'"

Tivadar Soros observed that George was "clearly disappointed that I wouldn't let him work anymore. He was beginning to enjoy his career as a courier; it was all a big adventure."

George Soros went on to adopt the identity of the godson of a mid-level Hungarian official, responsible for the confiscation of Jewish property of wealthy Jews shipped off to Auschwitz. In at least two television interviews, in 1994 and 1998, Soros freely admitted to his Nazi collaboration, and declared that he felt no guilt over his actions, or over the extermination of nearly a half million of his fellow Hungarian Jews.

Indeed, in his own words, in his introduction to his father's book, George Soros admitted, "It is a sacreligious thing to say, but these ten months [of the Nazi occupation] were the happiest times of my life... We led an adventurous life and we had fun together."

Soros' activities, as a collaborator of the Nazi extermination machine, headed by Adolf Eichmann, precisely fit the kinds of crimes that the architects of the International Criminal Court had in mind, when they rushed through the implementation of the ICC—before all the wartime Nazi collaborators died off.

Lyndon LaRouche described Soros as a "case in perfidy," precisely the kind of criminal behavior that author Ben Hecht famously denounced and exposed in his book Perfidy, a 1961 expose of the Jews who colluded with Eichmann. "Hjalmar Schacht, the banker who was the godfather, along with the Bank of England's Montagu Norman, of the Nazi genocide, was let off the hook after the war. He was tried but acquitted at Nuremberg. George Soros, at an admittedly much lower level, was a complicit in the Nazi crimes, and as such, he should be put on trial," LaRouche demanded. "Let him be given an opportunity, in the docket, to refute his own published and recorded words. If the International Criminal Court is to have any claim on credibility, let them take up the case of a real Nazi collaborator."

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