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Democratic Party Leadership Breaks Wind; Obama and T. `Blowhard' Pickens Confer on Green Fascist Energy Policy

Aug. 19, 2008 (EIRNS)—This release was issued yesterday by the Lyndon LaRouche Political Action Committee (LPAC).

Sen. Barack Obama and T. Boone Pickens, the alleged backer of Republican John McCain for President, met yesterday in Las Vegas, on energy policy, to confer on what is an insane "renewables" program calling for a massive U.S. shift to wind-powered electricity.

Lyndon LaRouche warned that in doing this, Obama has bought into a cross-party program reminiscent of the 1920s Hermann Goering back-to-nature greenie retreats of the Nazis. It involves austerity, public-private funding swindles, science-fraud and other elements amounting to green fascism.

On Aug. 15, T. 'Blowhard' Pickens also met on his proposals with McCain, whom he says he supports for President, except for energy.

Obama is not unaware that Pickens was a $2 million moneybags for the "Swift Boat" slanders against 2004 Democratic Presidential candidate John Kerry.

Obama's energy stance is not inconsistent with the trend in his other policies, but in putting in with Pickens, he is forming a fascist alliance, not a bipartisan collaboration. When Obama was asked about why he met with the funder of the dirty Swift Boat attack on Kerry, he said only that Pickens "has a longer track record than that.... He is a legendary entrepreneur."

In fact, the entire Democratic Party leadership is "breaking wind" over Pickens. The Obama/Pickens meeting came on the eve of today's National Clean Energy Summit in Las Vegas, where Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nevada), will make a keynote pitch for renewables. Reid said on a pre-summit conference call last week, "Who would have thought last year that me and T. Boone Pickens would be in the same [Swift?] boat pulling the same oar, the same way."

T. 'Blowhard' Pickens has been promoting his wind-power campaign since early July, calling for 20% of the U.S. electricity base to come from wind by 2018, with thousands of wind turbines installed along a north-south "wind corridor" across the Central Plains, running power through new privately owned transmission lines, subsidized by state and Federal funding. The absurdity of this fascistic scheme is that every megawatt of "wind power" has to be backed up by new gas-fired electricity capacity, because wind is simply unreliable.

In detail and concept the Pickens Plan, as it is called, calls for warmed-over Mussolini-style fascist schemes, for 'public-private partnerships' in energy. This is the core of the "Rebuild America" fascistic program of New York Mayor Bloomberg, California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, and fascist banker Felix Rohatyn. In line for gain, for example, is Warren Buffett's Mid-America Energy Co., located in the middle of Pickens' Wind Corridor.

In West Texas, Pickens has begun his multibillion-dollar project for the biggest, baddest wind farm ever. The state is already tops in amount of wind electricity generated, twice that of California. Pickens intends to build his own private electric transmission line to the Dallas/Houston eastern markets. On July 17, the Texas Public Utility Commission approved $4.93 billion in aid for such lines. Senator Reid plans to organize the same public/private benefits for wind and other renewables at the Federal level.

Waiting in line to get in on the state transmission projects, for public-private profiteering (PPP) deals, is none other than Babcock & Brown, the Australia-based outfit, in the same circles of modern-day Mussolini PPP operations as MacQuarie/Cintra. A longtime Babcock & Brown executive, David Crane, is the top economics adviser to Gov. Schwarzenegger for so-called green infrastructure. It's pure Gorey business.