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LaRouche To Congress:
Citizens Will Condemn Anyone
Who Backs Paulson Bailout Swindle

Sept. 24, 2008 (EIRNS)—This release was issued yesterday by the Lyndon LaRouche Political Action Committee (LPAC).

Lyndon LaRouche today issued his strongest warning to date, to any member of Congress who goes along with the Henry Paulson bailout swindle. "If the swindle goes through, you are finished, and the United States is done for. Are you willing to fight it?"

LaRouche went on to particularly assail the Federal Reserve, which announced on Monday a total overhaul of regulations covering bank holding companies, allowing private equity funds and other unregulated financial entities to take major stakes in commercial banks, without coming under Fed regulation. "This action by Bernanke's Fed is flagrantly contrary to the intent of the Constitution. It is fraudulent and illegal, and whoever goes along with this latest swindle is going to pay, particularly when the American people get wind of what has been done."

LaRouche observed that the whole generation of Congressional leadership has "lost their guts." LaRouche called on them to "show the courage to win this fight, by outright rejecting the Paulson bailout, and going, instead, with his own three-step solution. We need a bankruptcy reorganization, as specified in our Federal Constitution, not a taxpayers' trillion-dollar bailout of the biggest crooks and swindlers to ever occupy a place on Wall Street."

LaRouche warned that, "while Congress, as of now, is prepared to go along with the Paulson bailout, the American people are not at all ready to go along with it. And I can assure you," LaRouche concluded, "that the American people will never forgive any member of Congress who caves in. If you tolerate any form of the Paulson bailout scheme, this entire system is gone. There must be zero tolerance for any bailout. Period."