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Installing an Anti-British-Imperialist
World Economy

July 25, 2009 (EIRNS)—The following release was issued on July 16 by the Lyndon LaRouche Political Action Committee.

On Saturday August 1, 2009, at 1:00 p.m. Eastern Time, Lyndon LaRouche will address a world audience, and leading collaborators within the United States, in an international webcast. In a paper currently under preparation on "The Science of Physical Economy," LaRouche directly previews the topics on which he will concentrate during that presentation.

The world now hovers at the brink of a long dark age of absolute despair. Only the sudden and thorough scrapping of the monetary systems which have reigned over the world since the death of President Franklin Roosevelt, could provide humanity today an escape from a New Dark Age whose character would bring the entire planet rather quickly from a level of about 6.7 billions individuals, to probably something near the goals, of no more than two billions, demanded from pro-genocidalists such as the late Bertrand Russell and the sheer evil of the World Wildlife Fund of Prince Philip and the now deceased Prince Bernhard.

While it is necessary to continue the use of money as a medium of exchange within the microcosms of the social process of economy, any useful definitions of the role of money must abandon those old, systemically failed, definitions, which have been formerly taught in schools and universities, and as presently official accounting practice; there must be sudden and sweeping installation of a new form of an anti-British-imperialist world economy, that among cooperating, perfectly sovereign nation-states. That urgently needed change, will come into existence on the battleground once occupied by the preceding reign of the now hopelessly failed existing nation-states of the former monetary systems.

However, this urgently needed change were likely to occur, only if an inner circle of professional economic competence is created now, from among relevant leading circle among some key nations.

For this purpose, the preliminary step of urgently needed education to be taken immediately, is to present an updated presentation of that 'Triple Curve' imagery which I first published in the official, 1996 announcement of my candidacy for that year's Democratic Presidential nomination. The current update of that 'Triple Curve' will be presented in two public events, one prior to my August 1, 2009 international webcast, and the second during that webcast. The implications of that update, which will have been presented publicly prior to those events, are to be assumed in what is written here.

The crucial change might appear to some as minimal. I have proposed, simply enough, to replace the existing world monetary system, as if by turning on a dime, by a fixed-exchange-rate alliance among a set of what shall be, respectively, perfectly sovereign nation-state republics. This shall be accomplished by elementary methods of reorganization in bankruptcy...."

LaRouche's webcast will be streamed live on www.larouchepac.com.