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Bill Clinton's Korea Breakthrough
Stirs Obama's Wrath

Aug. 7, 2009 (EIRNS)—In the wake of former President Clinton's successful diplomacy with the North Koreans, in freeing two journalists, Lyndon LaRouche noted how this action represented the kind of nation-to-nation diplomacy which was required to create a world of sovereign nation-states, and to get out of the current imperial disaster. He also expressed his expectation that President Obama would "freak out" about the success—since he would see it as a blow to his ego.

On Aug. 6, LaRouche issued the following statement on www.larouchepac.com:

In a BBC dispatch [Aug. 5] which links this report to the successful actions of former President Clinton in obtaining the freedom of two journalists held in North Korea, it was announced that President Barack Obama had reacted to President Clinton's successful role by escalating Obama's actions against North Korea.

This is what I have anticipated as what the mentally unstable President Obama's predictable behavior would be in reaction to the successful role of President Clinton in this matter.

The genesis of this ugly reaction by President Obama reflects the aggravated mental health condition he expressed in his enraged reaction to his failure of the U.S. to secure a virtual pre-adoption of the President's Nazi-modelled health-care policy. Obama's Nero-like mental disorders are now beginning to show more and more clearly, at the same time that his administration has pushed the breakdown of the U.S. economy close to over the edge into a global general breakdown crisis.

One of the likely, Nero-like side-effects of such a mental breakdown of President Obama would be his targeting against Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Obama's reaction to the release of the two women from North Korea, brings this kind of development close to the edge.

In the meantime, a general breakdown of the U.S. economy, either by October 2009, or earlier, is 'on the edge' for as long as the short time Obama is likely to remain President.