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The Ides of March Is Coming:
Pro-Impeachment Democrat
Wins Nomination in Texas

HOUSTON, March 3, 2010 (EIRNS)—This release was issued today by the Lyndon LaRouche Political Action Committee.

The victory in the 22nd Congressional District yesterday by LaRouche Democrat Kesha Rogers sent an unmistakable message to the White House, and its British imperial controllers: Your days are numbered. Kesha's campaign hit relentlessly at a single theme, that President Obama must go, that his attacks on this nation—with his dismantling of the manned space program, his efforts to ram through a fascist, killer "health care" policy, his endless bailouts for Wall Street swindlers, while demanding budget cuts which will increase the death rates among the poor, the sick, the elderly and the unemployed—are not acceptable, and will not be tolerated.

Skeptics said that LaRouche's approach was impractical, it wouldn't work, that Democrats would never support someone who is calling for the President's impeachment. Obviously, the voters of the 22nd district disagreed with those skeptics, as Kesha received 53% of the vote against two opponents. As Kesha told the Galveston Daily News last night, when a reporter asked if she expected support from the Democratic Party in the fall election,

I am leading a war against the British Empire. I'm not worried about what Democratic Party hacks say or do.

The arrogance of those hacks, who seem to be taking their lead from the Narcissist-in-Chief, was evident in the statement issued last night by her losing opponent, Doug Blatt, who was endorsed by all the "official" Democratic clubs in the District. He wrote:

I'm sorry to inform you that we lost.

The winner, Kesha Rogers, is already claiming on her web site that this means that voters in the 22nd District want to impeach the President.

I can't believe that most people who voted for her knew that she wants to do that.

I do believe that most of them didn't do any research about the candidates before voting.

He is wrong. The voters knew exactly what they were doing when they cast their ballots for Rogers. They saw Kesha and her campaign army every day. The LaRouche Youth Movement forces ruled the streets, walking the neighborhoods, taking an uncompromising message to the voters:

This is your time to make history, to take this country back from the global speculators who are destroying everything precious to us. After we impeach Obama, we are going to implement the LaRouche Plan, beginning with a global Glass-Steagall, and full-funding for a Moon-Mars mission, as the essential science driver behind a major commitment to build the modern infrastructure this nation needs.

And the voters responded, proving again, that courage and imagination will defeat immoral skepticism and cowardly capitulation.

     Harley Schlanger
Lyndon LaRouche's Western U.S.A. spokesman