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LaRouche Reiterates Danger of Assassination Attempt on Obama

March 29, 2010 (EIRNS)—This release was issued today by the Lyndon LaRouche Political Action Committee.

The proliferation of terrorist threats, such as that represented by the "Christian militia" arrests in Michigan, should be taken very seriously, said Lyndon LaRouche today.

We're in an environment like that before JFK's assassination, and President Obama should cut his bravado out now. His ego is his biggest vulnerability, and if he wants to survive, he should restrict his activity, and keep himself safe.

As in the run-up to the JFK assassination, many of these so-called militia and terrorist groups will be bogus," LaRouche continued. "Most of them will be nothing—but they will create a cover for a real operation to go ahead. Just as before 9/11, when the advertised threat was a terrorist incident through demonstrations in Washington, D.C., but the reality was the Saudi-assisted plane-bomb operations which occurred.

The sophisticated controllers of an assassination operation will count on Obama's ego to make him vulnerable," LaRouche said. "If they weren't sophisticated enough to realize and employ that, they wouldn't be running a serious assassination threat.

Often people get killed because of their own egos," he noted. "So Obama should stop going out in public to crow about ramming through the health bill. He doesn't need to do that, and he simply exposes himself, and the country, to the danger that he will be assassinated.

The reality is, as I said last week, that, now that he's rammed through the Hitler health bill, Obama is expendable to his sponsors in Britain. They may move against him at any time, in order to accomplish their larger purpose—the destruction of the United States.

The President should be kept safe, and removed quietly from office, by peaceful constitutional means, as I have elaborated in my recent March 13 webcast. That is the only safe pathway to safety for the country, and the President.

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