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LaRouche at Webcast:
Fight To Pass the Glass-Steagall
Amendment, Or You're Wasting Your Time

May 10, 2010 (EIRNS)—Speaking at the latest LaRouche PAC international webcast on May 8, leading economic Lyndon LaRouche issued a clarion call for an all-out mobilization to pass the Glass-Steagall amendment, which has been submitted by patriotic Senators John McCain (R-Ariz.) and Maria Cantwell (D-Wash.) to be added to the Dodd financial reform bill.

Whether the Glass-Steagall reform is passed or not, is "going to determine the course of future history," LaRouche argued.

Is the Glass-Steagall reform, which is now on the table, going to be immediately implemented, to prevent the United States from joining the British in going to Hell? Because, if not, we don't have a future, at least, not for a long time to come. If we do, then it is a future.

And then, once we decide we're going to do that, how do we maintain the morale, the moral character of our populations? We do that, by providing them the assurance, of a knowable, understandable science education, and practice, where they can understand in their own terms of reference, at least in good approximation, that mankind has a future! And that we must organize our policy, not simply for our comfort—we must do that; but we must organize our policy, with a view to what is going to happen to future generations of humanity. We have to earn the respect of future humanity! That we are not only providing the solutions for these problems, or the seed for the solutions, but we are creating a system, of commitment, which will ensure that we will continue to progress in that direction, indefinitely; and will give people some sense, of what the practical measures are, which can lead to that result.

So, let's take the issue: The issue of the collapse of society, the collapse of the present world system, which is now ongoing, which exploded in your face on Thursday, in the stock market, and which is going to explode in a higher form this coming week, because it's already exploding. Are you going to respond to this, with this change, which I indicate — the Glass-Steagall reform? Otherwise, if you're not going to respond to the Glass-Steagall reform now, you're wasting your time by being alive! It's that true. This is the only thing that's morally significant: Are we willing to commit ourselves to this Glass-Steagall perspective now?! Now, that leading political forces have put the thing on the table? It's the only thing that'll save us, and there's nothing else worth doing. Anything else, is a damned waste of time! Just babble.

So let's take the position: Understand the crisis; we can solve it. We have a core of recognized American leaders, who are now leading an effort which will grow very rapidly, not only in the United States, but will grow also, by reputation, in Europe and elsewhere. Let us assume that we are going to win! Because there's no time worth spending on the alternative: You're looking at Hell or Heaven. And once you've made the choice, then you better to start exploring Heaven. Not going there faster — that may happen, but in terms of, you are committed to ensure, that our victory, over the enemy, our victory through initiation of a Glass-Steagall reform, will empower actions, which will lead to the salvation of mankind, from the kind of threat that's immediate."

The video archive of LaRouche's full webcast can be found on www.larouchepac.com. The full transcript will be published on that website in the immediate future, as well as in next week's issue of EIR Online.