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How the British Bastards (and Obama
Bastards) Think: The Case of BP

May 25, 2010 (EIRNS)—This release was issued today by the Lyndon LaRouche Political Action Committee (LPAC).

Evidence of the murderous mentality of British Petroleum (and British whores like Obama in the U.S.) came to light today, thanks to the publication of documents BP was forced to release in the legal actions brought against it in the 2005 BP Refinery explosion. Lawyers for the victims in that case demonstrated that it was BP's determination to "save money" that led to the deaths of 15 workers, who were housed in unprotected structures.

The Daily Beast blog publishes two of BP's damning internal documents, published by the Risk Management department.

The first, entitled "Cost benefit analysis of three little pigs," is hair-raising in its cynical attitude toward human life. It reads:

Frequency—the big bad wolf blows with a frequency of once per lifetime.

Consequences—if the wolf blows down the house, then the piggy is gobbled.

Maximum justifiable spend (MJS)—a piggy considers it's worth $1000 to save its bacon.

The report asks:

Which type of house should the piggy build?

The answer, indicated in a hand-written note from 2002 (before the 2005 explosions), was to build housing without blast-resistant walls, because to build safe structures, would cost 10 times as much.

An ancillary e-mail from the same time, revealed that BP actually had a monetary value assigned for each worker in its Three Pigs evaluation—$10 million per life. If it cost more, that was just too bad.

These murderous bastards are going to have to pay, all right. As Lyndon LaRouche put it, we're going to raise the price.