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LaRouche Answers a Supporter
Who Opposes Nationalizing BP

June 7, 2010 (EIRNS)—This release was issued today by the Lyndon LaRouche Political Action Committee.

Below is Lyndon LaRouche response to a questioner who opposes the expropriation of British Petroleum:

The action which I have proposed is a necessary defense of our republic against an organization which has been frequently found guilty of major crimes of willful negligence against our law, our territory, and our citizens. The current crisis in the waters of the Caribbean and probably the Gulf Stream area, are the worst of such BP negligence against our U.S.A. thus far. Matters have reached the point, currently, at which it may be urgent that we be prepared to use existing PNE technologies within our scientific capabilities, to effect measures which have the quality of finality, to prevent a presently accelerating threat of capital damage of long duration, to not only our national waters, but to other nations bordering the Atlantic coasts.

This damage has been unloosed upon us and others by an enterprise, BP, which is already known for repeated flagrancy carrying criminal charges, and has conducted itself with a quality of criminal negligence in the current matter which is an immediate great danger to our own and other affected and probably affected nations.

Admittedly, this problem has been greatly aggravated by a U.S. President who has acted, repeatedly, in this and comparable forms of action or willful inaction, action which must be judged as complicity with a foreign power, the avowed, global British Empire declared to be such by its current monarch.

Short of the summary impeaching of that U.S. President, the fact of this matter is, that we can not reasonably expect any competently patriotic action in this matter by that President.

In the meanwhile, the U.S.A. must take over controlling supervision of BP's operations in this and functionally related matters represented by this case's sovereign cause for U.S.A. sovereign action. We must do whatever is necessary to bring about a needed solution to that end.

                                                                                       — Lyndon

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