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LaRouche: `Obama Deserves Credit
For Destroying Democratic Party'

July 28, 2010 (EIRNS)—This release was issued today by the Lyndon LaRouche Political Action Committee.

The following are comments by a leading African-American Democrat regarding what Lyndon LaRouche has referred to as Obama's "Jim Crow binge," and LaRouche's responses to the former Congressman's remarks:

  1. The contact described Obama's behavior on the cases of Shirley Sherrod and Charles Rangel as a revival, under an African-American President, of J. Edgar Hoover's infamous "Fruhmenschen" policy. LaRouche said, "Absolutely, and we should say that." Fruhmenschen ("primitive man") was the name given by Hoover's gang to describe the intentional targetting of Black elected officials as supposedly inherently prone to corruption, due to their race.

  2. On the charges against Rangel for failure to pay taxes, the contact commented that Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner failed to pay a larger amount of taxes, and he was allowed to pay it retroactively, and Obama stood by him. Shouldn't this be an issue? LaRouche said it should, that the Geithner case demonstrates the selective nature of the attack on Rangel, coherent with what he (LaRouche) said in his statement on Obama's racism, and with the Fruhmenschen policy of Hoover.

  3. On the issue of leading Democrats claiming to be worried about the effect the ethics charges against Rangel will have on the election in November, and therefore would urge him to accept a plea or step down, the contact said that if they are serious about this, why don't they ask Obama to step down, as he will be the primary cause of Democratic Party losses in November. Lyn's response is that Charlie Rangel is being targeted because he is one of the few remaining outstanding political leaders of the FDR tradition, who has always acted out of concern for his constituents — as an FDR Democrat does — to defend them against the fraud and corruption of the City of London fascists, who control Obama. The President deserves credit for destroying the Democratic Party. He has destroyed it as a party — it is no longer a functional political party. Only the ouster of Obama and his policies will bring it back.