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LaRouche: NAWAPA and Glass-Steagall
Are Life-and-Death Issues

July 28, 2010 (EIRNS)—This release was issued today by the Lyndon LaRouche Political Action Committee.

U.S. physical economist Lyndon LaRouche today stated that "NAWAPA and Glass-Steagall are life and death issues, immediately-urgent life and death issues for every decent citizen of the U.S., among other people. And no compromise is tolerable on this. President Obama must be thrown out of office, and his accomplices must go with him. We are not going to have Nazi policies brought in any further on the U.S."

Commenting on Obama's July 19, 2010 Executive Order establishing a National Ocean Council to impose British Malthusian policies on America's oceans, lakes and waterways—and which was instantly and effusively praised by Nazi Prince Philip's World Wildlife Fund (WWF), which is also violently opposed to NAWAPA and similar great projects—LaRouche said:

"Obama has now announced his intention to commit another crime against humanity. His health care policy was a crime against humanity. His cap-and-trade initiative is a crime against humanity. It's very difficult to find something that the President has done, in his leading policies, which is not a crime against humanity.

"All these issues which are 'green' issues of this type, the Malthusian issues, are criminal, from the standpoint of the British royal family's support of the WWF, in their attempt to perpetrate those policies on a broader scale. This is mass murder, this is worse than Adolph Hitler. And people who promote this should be put in the class of Adolph Hitler, and probably we may have to get to the same end result.

"The British Monarchy are a bunch of criminals by virtue of the WWF policy. That WWF policy defines the British royal family as a bunch of criminals, as an institution. There may be individual exceptions in the family, but the point is that, overall, the family's role, its official role, with this WWF, is a crime against humanity. And those who are complicit in the WWF are complicit in a crime against humanity. And Obama is right at the center of it.

"This thing is a matter of the continued life of the people of the U.S. This Glass-Steagall policy, combined with this NAWAPA policy, is an issue which is of vital interest to the lives of the people of the U.S. And no law, or no decree, that tries to oppose this can be treated any differently than as we treated Adolph Hitler and his accomplices.

"On NAWAPA, the key thing is transforming the weather system. You have to put in the power, and you have to put in the things that will transform this water, by planting trees. And rip up all solar panels and all windmills! Take them down and destroy them now! Because the only way to use solar power is with sunlight on green plants. Anything where you take an area, and you take solar panel arrays, you are actually having a negative effect on the entire ecology.

"You can salvage individual solar panels—they may have some materials in them that are worth using. But eliminate, virtually outlaw, mass solar panels. Individual solar panels, for a special case, is allowable. But no mass arrays of solar panels as a source of power.

"This cap-and-trade thing is a piece of criminal insanity—not insanity, but criminal insanity. It's mass murderous criminal insanity.

"We've got the bull by the horns. Obama's going down now. All these freaks are going down. This is not the time to temporize with the sons of bitches. You don't have to cuss at them. Just say: 'Drop dead!' That's enough. But then say why they should drop dead. Explain to them why they should drop dead, or change their policy."