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LaRouche on LPAC-TV:
Congress Must Stay in Session,
To Ram Through FDR's Original Glass-Steagall

Sept. 23 (EIRNS)—Speaking on LaRouche PAC-TV's Weekly Report Sept. 22, Lyndon LaRouche issued an urgent call for the U.S. Congress to stay in session, and pass the Glass-Steagall Act immediately. If we wait, LaRouche said, the nation, and the world, are goners.

While LaRouche will be elaborating on this point at his Sept. 24th webcast, scheduled for 1 pm Eastern Time, he stressed that the matter is too urgent to even wait until then. Glass-Steagall must be implemented now, and President Barack Obama must be put under the kind of pressure that will lead him to resign, he said.

While LaRouche's full message is best conveyed by watching the hour-long report, archived at www.larouchepac.com, we include leading excerpts of LaRouche's remarks here:

"Now, what we have to do. What we have to do, is, number one: get this President out of office! That can be done! All you have to do, is pull the right strings, and it's like the dummy in the Punch and Judy show, he'll fall down....

"And the other thing that has to be done, having done that, Congress can not go into recess. We have to pass the Glass-Steagall Act, in the original form, now. We have a couple of pieces of this legislation, which would generally pass for that, which can be adopted, ready to be voted up. It's prepared legislation, prepared for the voting process. And essentially can go into effect right away, in a very short period of time.

"If we don't do that, if you wait, and say, 'Well, maybe some time after the election, we can do something,' you're going to lose the nation! And you're going to lose the world and civilization! Because, once the chain-reaction starts, and the United States is crucial. No other part of the world has the significance that the United States has, for the world as a whole, now. If the United States goes down, the entire world goes down! And the United States is now ready, on the basis of its leading politicians, including good ones as well as bad ones, are ready to pull the plug on the nation, on the existence of the United States....

"So therefore, the issue is, now, is to force through the action, which most political leaders, so-called, who actually turned out to be followers, not leaders—put this through: We've got to get this President out. It can be done very quickly. All you have to do, is put the right pressure on, and he will take himself out. We just don't want him to take himself out the hard, bloody way. But we want him out.

"Once he's out, then we can the Glass-Steagall law through—hmm? And these actions must be taken!—once we get the Glass-Steagall law through, we no longer have this bailout problem in the form we have it today, which means the Federal government can then utter credit. And through Federal credit, the Federal government—and only the Federal governmen—can keep the states from disintegrating. Only Federal credit can put the states back to work: California and other states, are ready to disappear into the Pacific, or any nearest sewer. So therefore, that has to be done!...

"You have to just actually get this thing under control. And you have to, now... To get him out, you have to push the Congress, you have to push the Congress. You have to get the Glass-Steagall immediately at the top, too.

"Then, we can survive. Then, we have a little room to play with. But that will not save this nation! The economy of the United States, and of Western Europe, as well, is now in a process of collapse. China can not make it, if the United States goes! India can not make it, if the rest of the world goes. So it would mean a Dark Age, for all humanity, for several generations to come.

"And the time is now, when the action must occur! And I have to call for this action, because I'm the best economist around. Not because I'm so good, but because the others are so bad. I'm the best one you got—why? Because you haven't got a better one. The only car with wheels on."