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The Situation Is Not Yet Quite Hopeless!

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

October 1, 2010

Oct. 1, 2010 (EIRNS)—This release was issued today by the Lyndon LaRouche Political Action Committee (LPAC).

My Friday September 24 webcast laid out the fact that the U.S.A. economy was at the verge of a breakdown-crisis. Time has virtually run out.

Yesterday, Thursday, I reported that the U.S. Congress, in a crucial vote, had failed to match my warning and had thus lost its battle to save the United States; it is now a likely, although not yet fully certain prospect, that that moral failure of the Congress, although allowed only by a scant majority in the U.S. Congress, has condemned our nation to an almost inevitable, early arrival in Hell.

The fact is, that the situation under the British puppet known as President Barack Obama and under Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke, has turned into a full-throated, hyper-inflationary debacle at the beginning of this week, as that fact was reported by such as Britain's Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, and other relevant British voices. Their warnings were correct. This is precisely what I had forewarned as the likely September limit of a plunge of the U.S. economy. As usual, once again, I have made no mistakes in my forecasting.

It is now probable, although not yet inevitable, that the United States (and also all trans-Atlantic civilization) is about to be destroyed in a breakdown-crisis comparable to that of Europe's Fourteenth Century. You can now thank both President Barack Obama and any political authority who supports the continuation of his visibly lunatic reign, for that.

Our United States has now run out of time. We have passed what will be, but for a virtual political miracle, a point of no-return. You must deliver that miracle, or, else, as it is said, bend over, very, very deeply, if you wish to prepare to kiss your rump goodbye.

The fact of the matter runs as follows.

The decision by such as Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, to unleash a full-throated, Weimar 1923-style hyperinflationary blow-out of the U.S.A. dollar, is now unleashed. Unless that is stopped immediately, the United States is caught up in a situation like that of Weimar Germany in the Summer into Autumn of 1923.

Until this week, there was but one action which could have prevented this replay of 1920s Weimar Germany: the re-enactment of Glass-Steagall. However, the British government threatened that any re-enactment of Glass-Steagall would be tantamount to a casus belli! So, the British puppet known as the Obama administration, has acted to prevent the one action which could save the United States from plunging into a general breakdown-crisis: Glass-Steagall.

Thus, to save the United States now we must oust President Barack Obama now. There is a simple way to accomplish this: re-enact Glass-Steagall now. The defeat of his British-directed opposition to Glass-Steagall will be sufficient to trigger his plunge into virtual impotence and resignation. If you do not act so, then, by permitting President Obama to have his way, each among you in relevant political office will be guilty of having condemned our United States to early destruction. That is now the only choice a real patriot has.

Why Oppose Glass-Steagall?

Simply said, the re-enactment of Glass-Steagall now is the only action presently available to the U.S. Government which could prevent a general break-down crisis of the U.S. economy into a "new dark age" comparable to that of Fourteenth-century Europe. It would accomplish this rescue of the U.S. republic by two effects. First, it would save those U.S. commercial banks which would collapse without Glass-Steagall protection; who could object to that? However, secondly, it would cancel U.S. obligations to bail out private financial institutions engaged in gambling. Wall Street and the British empire's international Inter-Alpha Group series of financial institutions would go flat as a result. That is why London has threatened the U.S. should London's puppet, Barack Obama, fail to prevent Glass-Steagall from being re-enacted.

Thus, the vital interests of virtually every honest citizen of the U.S.A. are pitted against the special interests of the Wall Street partners of Britain's Inter-Alpha Group of predator bankers.

Those British banks and their speculative accomplices have gambled, and lost, fair-game. The people and nation of the U.S.A. must be defended.

Buddy, which side are you on? Which side is your candidate for Congress on? It is a fair question.

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