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After Nov. 2 Election: Last Chance
To Avoid a Global New Dark Age

Nov. 1, 2010 (EIRNS)—This release was issued today by the Lyndon LaRouche Political Action Committee.

At 1:00 p.m. (EDT) on Saturday, Nov. 6, Lyndon LaRouche will deliver an international webcast address, assessing the state of the world following Tuesday's midterm elections in the United States. In a preview of that address, LaRouche spoke with colleagues on Oct. 30, and delivered a frank warning that, unless President Obama is removed from office in the immediate days ahead—using the Constitutional authority under Section 4 of the 25th Amendment—the United States and the world as a whole faces an unavoidable plunge into a prolonged New Dark Age.

LaRouche declared:

"The world has already collapsed. What has been in process, is, in the cutback of production of food, and distribution of food as such, is that we are actually draining reserve food, in order to feed people now! And the ration of people, who are living on emptying stocks of stored food, is rising. This is the worst depression known in all modern, world history. This is the worst situation for humanity, in all known modern history, now! This is a total breakdown crisis. And only a very sudden change, now, of the effect of getting this President out of office, could save civilization, from a long Dark Age. We're at the outer limits, of the continued existence of civilized life on this planet: Because, if the United States goes, as the continuation of this President in office could do that, then the entire world would go. What would go immediately, the minute the United States goes down, or even before, would be the entire trans-Atlantic system, especially the north trans-Atlantic system. When that goes down, Russia goes down, immediately. And China and India will probably be the last nations to go down. And the whole world will go down into a Dark Age. That's what we're on the edge of...

"The entire world system, is now in a breakdown crisis. What you're looking at, is something which is going to become very similar, in a very short period of time, unless we make changes, to what happened in Germany in 1923, in October-November 1923. There's no containment; this is a Weimar-style breakdown crisis. And there are no boundaries, as then, to contain it! Germany, in 1923, was contained by its borders, because the British had specifically attacked Germany. And the application was specific to Germany! And the Hell was going on, within German borders. This time, there are no borders... And there's only one thing that can change it: Get rid of this bum in the White House, now!...

"You take the process since July-August 2007, and now: That has been the period of collapse. That has been a period of the greatest depression, in all modern history. It's already happened... This Presidency's dead! This Federal government is dead! Right now, it's dead! We can revive it, if we get rid of Obama. But it's dead. We have the program; we have some people, like some around the Clinton crowd, particularly, who are viable, and who will step in very quickly if Obama's out — but Obama's not yet out. And you're not going to get Obama out by appealing to public opinion. You're going to get him out by helping him get out, by bringing the roof down around him. Which is what I'm doing. And what I proposed for this impeachment process, by the legislation, by our Congressional orderly use of the 25th Amendment, that is working! That is causing panic, in those circles — all kinds of circles. Panic in the White House. Panic around the White House. Panic in the Federal legislature...

"We can still have the ability, conceptually, to save civilization. But our means are running out. You're looking, really, into the eyes of death, death of civilization, it's right before us now.

"Only one shot, now. We've got the countdown: President out! Number 1. The fast route: Out, immediately. Not gradually, not eventually: NOW! 25th Amendment, that's the only visible shot available, that's credible. Nothing else is plausible except that. After that: immediate Glass-Steagall. That has to be done immediately, otherwise, you get a breakdown crisis. Glass-Steagall, with the intention to get to a global fixed-exchange-rate system again. And launching programs of recovery, such as NAWAPA. Bailout of the states, which are now about to disintegrate. That'll turn the corner. Until we have bailed out the states, so the states are functioning, there's no chance of recovery of the United States, because there's no mechanism for recovery. You can't mobilize the people, if the states disintegrate. So therefore, it has to happen immediately. Bail out, the first thing: After Glass-Steagall, you've got to bail out the states. One act in Congress, which bails out the states Franklin Roosevelt style, keeps them from collapsing. Get the police back in, the firemen, the essential services. And the only way that's going to happen, is the Federal government will allocate funds, to the states, to guarantee the integrity of state government, top down.

"We have to, at the same time, inaugurate the idea of several programs: 1) the first thing we're going to do, is go back to a new version, of the Homeowners and Bank Protection Act. We've got to stop the mortgage foreclosures — flat! Freeze all the mortgages! Put the reorganization, the Glass-Steagall form of reorganization into effect, to save the elements of the banking which are viable. Wall Street? To Hell with them! We've got the list there. You either do that, or, no nation, no civilization. You have no choice. This is it."

You will not want to miss this historic webcast on November 6th. It will be broadcast live at www.larouchepac.com. Mark down the date, alert your friends, your family, and anyone else you can mobilize. Act as if your life depends on it—because it does!