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LaRouche Announces Campaign
To Destroy Rand Paul:
`No Concession to That Fascist!'

Nov. 10, 2010 (EIRNS)—This release was issued today by the Lyndon LaRouche Political Action Committee (LPAC).

Lyndon LaRouche declared war on Kentucky Senator-elect Rand Paul, during his webcast November 6. At the same time that we mobilize to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove the President from office, LaRouche insisted, we have to mobilize the American people to destroy Obama's prospective partner in imposing fascist austerity on the United States, Rand Paul, and those like him.

The following excerpts explain why.

"Now, therefore, when you are dealing with the problems we face today, and we are now on the verge of a fascist dictatorship in the United States! But the ushering in of a hyperinflationary form of fascist dictatorship, which is what's on the way right now, under the new Congress! And you take a case like Rand Paul: This guy's a Nazi! He's a killer. He's the enemy of civilization. And he simply exemplifies a crew that is now recently elected, which is coming in to take seats in January in the Congress, which are fascist, just in the same degree that Adolf Hitler was fascist! And the attempt is going to be made by these kinds of people, called "Republicans" — because they are Republicans who are also human, these are not; Rand Paul is not a human Republican — he's a something. They will destroy civilization. Because, for two reasons: First of all, morally. They're not fit. A society which lives under them is not fit to exist. Hmm? No concession, to a Rand Paul, or what he represents: None! Crush him! Because, if we don't, we lose our nation. We have to think in those terms.

"And don't think terms of parties! Don't think of Democratic Party and Republican Party! Republican Party doesn't mean anything any more! It lost all meaning, all distinction! It's a crazy house! And some people in it, are decent by instinct, and some aren't. Rand Paul is one of those, who aren't.

"So, we have to look back to something, not party. We have to look to nation, and to the meaning of our Federal Constitution, which is something which distinguishes us, from Europe, in terms of our legacy. You look back to figures like President Franklin Roosevelt. Look back to figures like Abraham Lincoln, and others, who were great heroes in their time: And these were the people who led, after Benjamin Franklin, after the others, who created this nation, who led, in creating this nation, for the benefit of the world, as Franklin Roosevelt understood that mission. We exist, not just for the benefit of the United States, we exist for the benefit of the world. Because, if the United States goes down — and it can go down, in the weeks ahead! We're in a hyperinflationary process, and under the present head of the Federal Reserve System, the United States is on a short fuse to suddenly vanish, into chaos. Unless we change the way things have been going, of late.

. . . .

"Now, the plans of the Republican Party are to blackmail the administration, by striking a very close alliance, with the President. Now, the President is not exactly an interchangeable part. It's a question of an interchangeable species, hmm? So, this President, now, is already, and has been committed to the same policy that the worst of the Republican Party, as typified by Rand Paul, typifies.

"Rand Paul is virtually an animal. He's a fascist. A strict fascist, no question about it. And he has to be taken out of office, or neutralized. Tennessee is practically ready to go back to the period before the Tennessee Valley Authority, go back to the swamps again, produce more of these kind of things, like Al Gores.

"So therefore, the point is, it's not party, as such: It's nation. It's Constitution.

. . . .

Rand Paul: "He's going to cut this, cut that, cut this! This is the Republican program! Which they're now trying to shove down the throat of the Democratic Party! And someone says, "Well, we have to go along with them." I say, "No, we don't go along with them. We do not go along with them! You've sworn an oath to uphold this Constitution and defend this nation. If you're a patriot and an honest patriot, you won't go along with them! They want a crisis? Give them a crisis!" Don't concede: Give them a crisis. Change the agenda! Don't try to work within the agenda, the agenda which has been worked up, is a doomed agenda. You'll lose the nation! How can you compromise, to lose the nation? How can you compromise, to lose the very meaning of the existence of this nation?! How can you betray this nation?

"And anyone who supports Rand Paul, is voting to destroy this nation! And with such people, we don't make agreements! We crush them. We neutralize them.

"That's what patriots do.

. . . .

"Look at Rand Paul's policy. You want to get an idea of what a real idiot is, a dangerous one: His policy is: We got to a balance the budget. He's nuts! He's talking about balancing the monetary accounts!

What about our unemployed? What about our dying citizens? What about the states that are bankrupt, when most of them are? What about the destitution being wreaked upon our people? Is this in our Constitution? How did that SOB get elected in the first place? And there are people like him! This is the policy of the New Obama Administration! The second term of Obama is an administration, based on the policies of creative destruction, by that fascist, Schumpeter, and his predecessors, Nietzsche and so forth: A policy of creative destruction. Which is a monetarist conception.

This guy is an enemy of humanity! But he's now the newly elected Senator from Kentucky. And he's typified by what the leading Republican edge is now: to get the Democratic Party to capitulate — you know, this is a time, that an old soldier like me, and I'm not much of a soldier, but anyway; strategist, maybe, not soldier, says, "No, no, no, no, no...— We make no concession, to Rand Paul!"

. . . .

"We have accepted the self-destruction of our nation! And Rand Paul typifies that threat! You can not be a supporter of Rand Paul, and a true patriot of the United States. Because if you can't defend the United States and its citizens, you're not defending the United States. There's no room for a Rand Paul in a safe United States.

"What're they going to do? The cuts that they plan, the cuts they're going to try to blackmail the Democratic Party leadership into accepting, mean mass death in the United States! This is mass murder! This is the destruction of the United States. You're going to find that in the law of the United States? Can the law of United States, or the power of lawmaking of the United States, be used to destroy the United States, as it's now being destroyed? As Europe is on the way to being destroyed? As Russia is being destroyed by the same kind of policy? And in the long run, China and India — or not so long, will also be destroyed.

"The policy is to reduce the world's population to less than 2 billion people, from 6.7. And this is the way to do it! These kinds of economic policies."

An audio or video archive copy of the webcast, or a the full webcast transcript, is available at www.larouchepac.com.