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It Is Tantamount to War!
Sink the Inter-Alpha Group

Nov. 19, 2010 (EIRNS)—This release was issued today by the Lyndon LaRouche Political Action Committee.

With the direct British strategic attack by the forces which have been rallied against Ireland under the banner of that British world empire's Inter-Alpha Group which was launched in mid-1971, to replace the world's fixed-exchange-rate system at that time, the fate of the world now hangs on the urgent need to rally the opposition to British imperialism which is now to be found among the patriots of leading nations of the world, that at a time while even the mere semblance of sovereignty still exists among the leading nations of the world at this juncture.

This does not mean that we intend to eliminate banking institutions. It means that we are committed to returning to a more-or-less global set of leading and other nations which are prepared to apply the 1933 Glass-Steagall law of 1933-1999, that for the included purpose of immediately rescuing the indispensable kernel of commercial banking out from under the grip of the present lunacy of an intrinsically hyper-inflationary form of monetarist system what had been established to create an intended, world-wide "post-Westphalian system," a system created under the banner of the British monarchy's launching of the so-called World-Wildlife Fund, with the stated intention, as by Britain's Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, and the late Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, the intention of rapidly reducing the world's population from about 6.7 billions, to about 2 billions.

The currently operational scheme among those supporters of genocide, represented by, and stated on behalf of those interests now associated with the world empire known as the actually bankrupt Inter-Alpha Group, is to eliminate the sovereignty of all of the nations of the world by aid of dumping the financial debt of that British imperial financial group on the present nation-states of the world, for the purpose of creating a return to the ancient systems of world empires typified by the Roman Empire.

Our intention must be, not to defeat the British empire's evil scheme by use of modern strategic weapons, but the peaceful, if admittedly calamitous means of hanging the present financial system of the Inter-Alpha Group's pirates by their own monetarist mastheads.

If the United States were to fail to act immediately to resume a Glass-Steagall law of exactly the same features, and by the same name, as that launched in 1933 under President Franklin Roosevelt, the immediate situation of all nations of the planet becomes almost instantly hopeless. No other nation could successfully use the launching of its own copy of President Franklin's Roosevelt's design on behalf of its own, or other nations. In the case that measure were not introduced soon, a virtually inevitable, prolonged, planet-wide "new dark age" were now the only possible outcome for the relatively immediate prospect.

If that is done, then the immediate ensuing steps of economic reform must be launched as urgently needed action of reforms.

The consequential measures of necessary reform, are the following:


The Glass-Steagall law must be internationalized among a concurring set of leading and other nations, including Russia, China, and India prominently, and a group of some crucial other leading nations such as Germany, and/or France, and Italy, especially those representing developed general traditions of high- technology, capital-intensive manufacturing as these cases. We would hope that a United Kingdom liberated from its present association with the Inter-Alpha Group, would participate in the useful role of the modern, capital-intensive, science-intensive role, in promoting the welfare of both their own nations and those of other regions of the world.


Emergency measures of reconstruction of modes of agro-industrial, power-intensive progress must be adopted as the common concern of these cooperating sovereign nation-states.


To accomplish that goal, a fixed-exchange-rate standard consistent with the range of goals of sovereign nations during a time preceding the insane U.S. Indo-China war launched in 1964-65.

This third measure set forth here, requires the following elements of a broader discussion of physical-economic principles, as distinguished from a monetary system. Briefly, the concept of national banking, as presented by Alexander Hamilton, which led to the crafting of the original U.S. Federal Constitution, is the only competent approach to building an equitable set of physical-economic relations among nations. This principle was the inspiration of the design of the Glass-Steagall system under the Presidency of Franklin D. Roosevelt.

This means that the credit-system which is established as a partnership among sovereign nations will lead to long-term cooperation in physical-capital relationships among participating nations at low, fixed costs of uttering credit within nations, and among nations. Such a rate must be lower than the mean margin of per capita growth of wealth, a goal which requires a vigorous rate of increasing capital intensity and in creating productivity as measured per capita and per square kilometer of territory. That means, inclusively, an increasing reliance on sources of power rooted in relatively high energy-flux densities of applied primary sources of power, and an increasingly rich net growth of water-throughput per square kilometer and per capita, to such ends, as a constant increase in the energy-flux-density per capita and per square kilometer as is urgently needed now.

It is to be emphasized, that low-performance rates of sources of applied power, such as extremely inefficient, even negative-ratable wind-mills and solar collectors must be abandoned, that in factor of increasingly higher levels of applicable energy-flux-density of sources of power, or, otherwise, the so-called "carrying capacity" of both the planet, and the respective nations of the planet, will be induced to promote programs of genocide, as we witness such trends as inherent in the general policies of practice of nations demanding reliance on the extremely high rates of tendency for genocide (population reduction) in nations adopting the practice of emphasis on sources of power of low energy-flux density.


Primary systems of increase of water throughout of nations' territories, as measured per capita and per square kilometer, and also of international networks of both friction-rail and maglev systems, must be greatly increased, per capita and per square kilometer, throughout the planet. This includes the essential increase of development of essential "raw materials" from what had been considered earlier as marginal concentrations of such resources.


There must be clarity respecting the specific qualities of importance attribution to what are presently termed "space" exploration and development.

This must come to be understood in terms of the interdependency, as expressed in the language of all-pervasive, cosmic radiation, of our galaxy with the function of life within our Solar system, our planet, and its nations.

To similar and related effect, the urgency of emphasis on those features of basic economic infrastructure is best typified by relative increase of the development of the availability of water being developed as a functionally efficient rate of turnover (thus increasing the net rate of availability per capita and per square kilometer), this at rates relatively higher than the general growth of productivity otherwise. NAWAPA typifies the kind of design to be applied on this account.


The general intent of the reform to be installed, to eliminate and replace the recent decades' role of the inherently parasitical Inter-Alpha Group, is to increase the power to exist and to produce of the typical human individual. It is to be underlined in this connection, the human species, otherwise known as the domain of the Noosphere defined by Academician V.I. Vernadsky, is the only known species which is naturally capable of the potential for willful qualities of qualitative increases of intellectual power through which mankind may and must increase the energy-flux density of the power conveyed to use per capita and per square kilometer of territory occupied.

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