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LaRouchePAC NAWAPA Drive Expands,
Generating Excitement for Action Now

Dec. 6, 2010 (EIRNS)—Two high-powered conferences on the prospects and implications of the immediate implementation of the North American Water and Power Alliance (NAWAPA) project, sponsored by LaRouchePAC over the weekend of Dec. 4, point to the immediate potential for a successful, expanded organizing drive for the crucial great project in the immediate period ahead. The optimism which LPAC has generated among layers of engineers, with the expertise to implement the biggest biosphere-engineering project ever, has sparked a dynamic desperately needed by the demoralized U.S. population.

The two conferences occurred, one in Pasadena, California and the other in Kennewick, Washington. Keynoted by members of the LPAC scientific team, called the Basement Team, they both dealt with the physical challenges and benefits of the "water project," and the fundamental scientific shift of outlook which embarking on it requires. The keynote presentations were followed by panels of experts who have been involved in in-depth discussions with the LPAC team over the past three months, and then lively interchanges with the audience as well.

The experts who spoke came from a variety of specialties, ranging from hydrology, to geology, to agriculture and biosystems management, nuclear power, and construction management. They made it totally clear that the NAWAPA project was feasible now, if the American people would go back to the American System, FDR approach of economy. Millions of highly skilled workers could be put to work immediately, and a tremendous future opened up for millions more.

LPAC-TV has already posted interviews with some of the conference participants on its website (www.larouchepac.com), as well as longer interviews with the experts, given over the last few weeks. I

See interviews with:

Mark Riley on Biosystems

Howard Chang on water projects

Joseph Montgomery on the future of geology

Many more interviews are available.

In recent weeks, as many as three to five interviews have been posted on the LPAC site, providing the basis for an active dialogue, as well as outreach, among them, and the political action committee's base.

Lyndon LaRouche has identified the NAWAPA project as the indispensable Great Project for pulling the U.S.A., and then the world, out of its physical economic depression. As he and LPAC argue, there is no need for the United States to continue to disintegrate, under the British imperial policies of bailout and austerity. Rather, the implementation of a credit system, beginning with re-instating Glass-Steagall, would create the immediate basis for pouring resources into NAWAPA.

Once the only serious obstacle to Glass-Steagall's revival is removed from office—President Obama—the road is clear for takeoff.

See LPAC-TV for further coverage of these conferences, and get the word around. There is hope for a U.S. recovery, and its name is NAWAPA. And LPAC-TV can show you just how feasible it is.