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LaRouche PAC Launches
`Operation Strike Back'

Dec. 27, 2010 (EIRNS)—This release was issued today by the Lyndon LaRouche Political Action Committee.

In light of the Obama Administration's decision to implement its exact copy of Adolf Hitler's 1939 "health policy" toward "useless eaters," in the guise of promoting end-of-life planning as part of Medicare, the LaRouche Political Action Committee (LaRouche PAC) today announced its own "Operation Strike Back" against that atrocity.

LPAC health policy spokeswoman Nancy Spannaus said:

"Under the policy of Tony Blair and Barack Obama, not only will individuals be pushed to decide to sign 'advance directives' to forego life-saving treatment, but doctors will have their ratings and pay tied to how many individuals they succeed in getting to sign those directives. Combine this with the death panel called the Independent Payment Advisory Board—which will deny payment for treatments considered too expensive for the 'benefit'—and you see the naked Nazi intent of Obama's so-called health reform in action. Kill the old, the chronically ill, and the acutely ill—because their lives are considered 'not worthy of life.' "

"The only excuse Obama has for carrying out this replica of Hitler's policy is that he is clinically insane. But that fact only strengthens the case that he should be immediately removed from office, under the 4th section of the 25th Amendment.

"While we are organizing for that necessity, we at LaRouche PAC suggest an alternative pledge for seniors to sign:

"'I reject the Hitler genocide policy of President Obama and Tony Blair.'

"Sign the 'Operation Strike Back' pledge today. And join the movement to remove Obama immediately, for the benefit of everyone's health."