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LaRouche Democratic Candidates
Set To Escalate Campaign on NAWAPA

Jan. 4, 2011 (EIRNS)—The unified national slate of Congressional candidates launched by LaRouche Democrats will carry out an intense escalation of its drive to implement the North American Water and Power Alliance (NAWAPA) megaproject during the month of January. On Jan. 8, candidates Summer Shields (Calif.) and Dave Christie (Wash.) will participate in a conference in the Bay Area, devoted to a discussion of the "extended NAWAPA" project. On the same time, candidate Rachel Brown (Mass.) will hold an emergency meeting on NAWAPA in Boston, to be followed up by another NAWAPA meeting in New York City, along with candidate Diane Sare (N.J.), on Jan. 15.

All of these conferences will involve experts in engineering, hydrology, and energy production, who have been working with LaRouchePAC over recent months, to flesh out the NAWAPA project, in terms of its economic and manpower requirements—now estimated to involve between 4 and 6 million skilled workers immediately after launch.

In addition, they will feed into the upcoming Jan. 22 webcast by Lyndon LaRouche, which will function as the real "State of the Union" for our republic. Here is where the ideas and actions required to bring the United States out of its current disaster, will be presented and discussed.