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LaRouche Delivers
State of the Union Address

Jan. 26, 2011 (EIRNS)—In his State of the Union address for 2011, delivered during a webcast-conference near Washington on Jan. 22, Lyndon LaRouche gave a very sober assessment of the world situation, but also laid out the tremendous opportunities that lie ahead, provided the correct decisions are taken in the coming days and weeks.

We have now entered a period of hyperinflation inside the United States, and internationally, LaRouche stated, "which means that people who are talking about adjustments in policy are not in the real world. I happen to know that most of the Democratic Party leadership which have been meeting and discussing things this past week, have no idea of what's about to hit them, and therefore, are debating matters which are actually irrelevant." For example, the assumption that President Obama can remain in office for more than a fairly short period of time, "is a gone bunny."

Obama must leave, LaRouche said, because we are in a period of a rate of acceleration of international inflation, which is approaching that which hit Germany in 1923. Any government that continues the present policy is doomed; that's why Obama has to go.

"Just what do you think the Germans were thinking in Germany in 1923? During the summer and autumn of 1923, something quite similar to what... many people are thinking wishfully out there, today. We have no longer time to play around with this thing.

"However, on the other hand, there is a narrow selection of measures which are appropriate to this problem. It is possible, within a short period of time, to change this situation, beginning with the [reenactment] of Glass-Steagall," which would "open the gates, for alternatives for recovery."

LaRouche stressed many times, during the course of his presentation, that due to the specific legacy of the United States, if the U.S. goes under, Europe will follow, and if the entire trans-Atlantic region is doomed, then Asia is doomed. This will lead to a long dark age, with a very deep-going depopulation of this planet.

"So the time has come, you can no longer postpone, you can no longer make accommodations, and therefore, the kind of State of the Union address that's required, has to deal with a very limited number, but crucial options, which will save this nation, and make possible the saving of civilization."

The situation is such, LaRouche went on, that any accident could cause a general chain-reaction collapse of this world economy, whether it occurs in the U.S., or Brazil, or Russia. The Inter-Alpha Group may control the international financial system, but that system is about to blow.

LaRouche then proceeded to read remarks he had previously prepared, in order to

"lay down exactly as if it were a military plan of operation, in warfare, a precise program for getting the United States out of this alive, and now! And therefore, I shall read this, shall we say, word for word, in order to put this on the record."