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LaRouche: The Angelides Report
Tells the Truth; Now, It's Time To Defend the Nation with Glass-Steagall

Feb. 2, 2011 (EIRNS)—This release was issued today by the Lyndon LaRouche Political Action Committee (LPAC).[The entire Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission report, (Angelides report) that is referred to in this release, or sections of it, are available for download].

Speaking on LaRouche PAC TV's Weekly Report today, Lyndon LaRouche again defined the crucial significance of the recently released report of the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission, or Angelides Commission, in the fight to save the United States from the British Empire's campaign of financial destruction. If we want to prevent that destruction, LaRouche concluded, we must immediately get Congress to pass FDR's Glass-Steagall bill.

"First of all, is to make clear about the Angelides report, what its character is. This is the first, official report, published by an agency commissioned by the U.S. government, which actually reports the general truth of the recent economic history of the United States, from a period of really, implicitly more than three decades.

"And the content of the report, essentially, of course, as is well-known, I think by now, is that Angelides report, all of whose elements include my proven forecasts; that I've made a number of forecasts which are in the nature of warnings, and with not exactly a prediction, but an indication of the timing at which the particular warning in question should be expected to hi— as in the case of July 25th, 2007, where actually, what I had warned, hit within three days of the time I delivered the warning. But in general, I've always been correct on this, and therefore I can speak with considerable authority, on forecasting, actually going back to 1956-57, in my forecast, uniquely, of the exact timing of the outbreak of worst recession of the postwar period, of February-March 1957.

"So, the Angelides report takes a large chunk of that, and shows how certain crises, crucial development turning points in the past three decades of European and U.S. history, but mainly U.S. history, occurred. It also shows, thereby, what the stupidity of our government has been, for more than three decades to date. As right now, the stupidity factor in the U.S. government today, as demonstrated by the way in which Senator Kerry was pushed into making a very foolish statement in support of President Obama, is typical of the folly and stupidity, which brings the United States, presently, to the brink, of a global, general breakdown crisis, modeled after, but on a much larger scale, and a much more serious problem, than the 1923 German hyperinflation.

"We are now in a hyperinflationary crisis, which is generated by the printing of money without value; the printing of debt which could never be redeemed, without value! And therefore, the United States is, if it continues, and if it continues under this President, will probably, even before the end of the year, will have ceased virtually to exist as an economy, because the rate of hyperinflation, accelerating monetary hyperinflation, being caused by the present policies of the United States, and of other nations, as of the Inter-Alpha Group, for example, more importantly.

"So, we have a hopeless situation, and the Angelides report, by going through the breaking points, which, not coincidentally, happen to coincide with exactly my previously confirmed forecasts, and therefore I have a very distinct authority and importance for decisions-makers, in the present crisis. If people do not change their ways, and now, finally, respond to the fact that I had been correct, that decision not to respond, would mean the end of the existence of the United States, a development which many in England, and the British Empire as such, would like to see happen: The desire to destroy the United States since before it was created, since 1763, has continued to the present time. And these characters, of the international British Empire, the British Empire which was actually founded, in fact, as the empire of the British East India Company in February 1763, have now taken over the world:

"Either we crush that empire, now, which is what we have to do—for example, a Glass-Steagall vote of the 1933 bill, in the Congress now, would cause an immediate collapse of the international British imperial financial system....

"Now, the Angelides report is — these creeps, as I call them, to use a technical term — are determined to prevent the Angelides report from being considered seriously. But it's the only report — the Angelides report does not prescribe the solution. It indicates what the errors were, and what the warning signs were, and errors which demanded a correction. It does not present the exact correction. But what it does is essential. The fact of what's omitted from it is not a fault, because everything that they report is true; it happened: Every major crisis of this period, for three generations that it forecast, happened. The other side is, the U.S. government never responded to these crises. The reason we're in a crisis today, is because the U.S. government never responded...."

"And the Angelides report now presents the White House and others with a problem: What Angelides is reporting is exactly what I reported at relevant times, during the past three decades; and analyzes the significance of that properly. So therefore, the Angelides report says, 'You guys were wrong, he was right.' "

Now is the time to implement LaRouche's plan—before it's too late.

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