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Defeat the Green Fascist—
Your Life Depends On It

March 17, 2011 (EIRNS)—The March 16 edition of LPAC-TV's Weekly Report featured an extensive dialogue between LaRouche PAC founder Lyndon LaRouche, and the head of LPAC's Basement Team, Sky Shields, on the real threat to human civilization: the green fascist movement reflected in the press and various governments, including the Obama Administration, which is attempting to shut down scientific progress, especially nuclear power.

We provide a few excerpts here, that capture the thrust of LaRouche's and Shields' remarks.

On the nature of the crisis which hit Japan, LaRouche said:

"But you have to see, that the forces involved in this crisis, are several orders of magnitude, greater, than any nuclear power plant ever built, greater than even our famous explosions, hydrogen explosions in the Pacific. Nothing like this has ever been produced by man on this sort of magnitude, and man still can not produce, anything on this order of magnitude.

"So, what we're dealing with is — there's nothing wrong with nuclear power, we need it. But what's happening is, you're getting a worse than fascist movement, including that around our President, who is worse than a fascist, and there's no exaggeration in that whatsoever, but the British in particular. And they're lying like the Devil, because they're determined to proceed, with this acceleration of bailout, the third bailout, and they're pushing for this bailout. The intention is to reduce the population of the United States, greatly. Reduce the population of Europe, greatly. Aim to reduce the population of Asia, greatly. They're for a program of genocide. And if nuclear power programs still exist, it will be impossible to carry out this genocide. And the target here, the target of the lies, the motive for the lies, is the intention of genocide, coming from the British monarchy, that's what the problem is...."

"And what we're getting now, is the assault, on physical science, which is what you're getting in the press, right now. 'Kill nuclear power, kill science.' Science is a threat to their system — it is! Well, the question is, are we going to mobilize to crush them, or are they going to crush humanity?"

Addressing the scientific fallacies which are preventing mankind from acting to avert the threat of extinction which the galaxy has periodically inflicted on species on earth, Shields said:

"There's no such thing — and you brought this up as a principle in economics — there's no such thing as standing still anywhere, in the history of the Biosphere. There's no such thing as standing still, anywhere in the universe. If you decide to stand still, if you decide to stop and reach an equilibrium state, that's the moment you begin to die. That's the moment that you begin to collapse, by definition.

"So, if you think about what the Greenies are arguing right now, you think about the environmentalist argument, that somehow, you're going to stop the motion toward new energy resources, you're going to stop the consumption and the discovery of new resources, and we're going to try and move back to some kind of stable primitive state, of so-called "sustainable development," they're putting us on the exact same track as every other animal species has been on in the history of the planet, and you will, if we follow that as a policy, even slightly, if we make any compromises with that, then you're setting us up for the exact same kind of extinction phenomena as other species have experienced."

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