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Obama White House Caught Planning
Massive Dirty Operations
Against LaRouche

June 21, 2011 (EIRNS)—This release was issued today by the Lyndon LaRouche Political Action Committee.

Senior U.S. intelligence officials, along with leading figures within the Democratic Party, have warned that the Obama White House is in the process of launching a massive dirty operations campaign against Lyndon LaRouche and associates. These warnings come in the context of the accelerating unraveling of the Obama Presidency, driven by his clearly impeachable conduct in evading Congress' exclusive Constitutional authority to declare war in the current Libya case.

Senior U.S. intelligence officials pointedly warned that the Obama White House and campaign organization are in the process of conducting a major campaign against LaRouche and associates, and is pressing for support in this effort from leading political figures in the Democratic Party. Over the end of last week, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Senator Barbara Boxer and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi all came out publicly defending President Obama's flagrant violation of the U.S. Constitution Article I Section 8, and the War Powers Act, knowing full well that he had committed an impeachable offense.

Leading Democratic Party figures explained this bizarre behavior from the standpoint that the Democrats fear that the demise of President Obama will bring Lyndon LaRouche to the fore as the only serious political leader who dared speak the truth about Obama and his British controllers. So, in effect, Reid, Boxer and Pelosi fell on the sword, in defending the President's indefensible behavior on the Libya war, out of fear of LaRouche's emergence as a folk hero and a leader of a movement for a revolutionary change in U.S. policy—beginning with the passage of the Glass-Steagall restoration, now pending before the House in H.R. 1489. This act of near political suicide on the part of Reid, Boxer and Pelosi was one of the first public signals that the White House has launched illegal operations against the LaRouche organization.

This is deadly serious business. Both the intelligence community and Democratic Party sources conveyed their reports out of a deep sense of patriotism, and out of the recognition that if the Office of the Presidency is deployed to suppress LaRouche's voice at this critical juncture, the United States is doomed, and the rest of civilization goes down as well.

With the entire European Monetary Union on the verge of disintegration, with leading European governments on the edge of collapse, starting with the Merkel government in Germany, and with Wall Street bracing for the trans-Atlantic financial tsunami to hit, LaRouche's demands for the immediate reinstatement of Glass-Steagall—before the July 4th celebrations—is gaining tremendous traction, with increasing institutional support from the labor movement, civil rights organizations and others. It is precisely for this reason that the Obama White House and campaign team have embarked on a reckless and illegal campaign of dirty tricks and reprisals.

Much more will be flushed out concerning this criminal operation by the Obama forces over the coming days. For the time being, these essential facts speak for themselves.