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LaRouche Exposes Plan
for U.S. Dictatorship

June 24, 2011—Lyndon LaRouche issued the following statement today, for broad circulation.

Since it is inevitable that the current U.S. President Barack Obama has no chance of being re-elected under what might be called a "democratic election-process," and since President Obama is essentially a puppet of the British monarchy, bought and paid for in his original election as U.S. President, that fact, and relevant other evidence signifies that Obama could be made President again only by the same kind of proceeding which brought Adolf Hitler into the successive steps of his appointment, by the order of the combined agency of the Bank of England and the support of Prescott Bush's actions on behalf of the Bank of England's Hjalmar Schacht and Brown Brothers Harriman.

Given the facts of the crisis about to hit with great force with the first ten days following the close of the U.S. states' accounting year, and in light of the attempt to enforce the continued "bail out," there can be no possibility that the forces controlling British puppet Barack Obama's career do not fully intend to pull off a coup d'état comparable to that of Adolf Hitler.

There is only one remedy for both the United States and the trans-Atlantic community of nations: the immediate re-enactment of the 1933 Glass-Steagall law.

Not only is the immediate, forced draft enactment indispensable at this moment; the dumping of the accounts properly attributable to speculative banking, is an immediate precondition for the continued existence of our sovereign nation as a democratic form of sovereign republic modelled upon the intentions of the Preamble expressed in the founding of the U.S. Federal Constitution. Anyone in office who opposes the maintenance of such provisions of our Constitution is as guilty as a traitor acting against the very continued existence of our republic.

The remedies for our republic's present afflictions exist on the condition that all measures which are not consistent with the immediate re-enactment of Glass-Steagall are annulled. This would be the efficient expression of our patriotic devotion to the continued maintenance of our republic against the presently virtual British imperial dictatorship and rape of the American people by the "bail-out" swindle.

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