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LaRouche: A Nationalist Bloc Is Emerging

July 8, 2011 (EIRNS)—In discussions with associates July 7, Lyndon LaRouche noted that there is now a growing, bipartisan, patriotic bloc emerging in defense of the U.S. Constitution. It is crucial, LaRouche noted, that this breakout from "political party first" become characteristic of the political response to the major issues of the day, particularly those which pertain to the Constitution, such as the right to declare war, and the commitment to the general welfare.

The first area where this commitment to restoring Constitutional principles, across party lines, is manifest is in the response to the Glass-Steagall fight, There is growing bipartisan support for restoring Glass-Steagall, both in Congress (Rep. Marcy Kaptur's H.R. 1489), and on the local level.

The second such area is the question of war and peace, particularly as regards the war against Libya. Huge bipartisan alliances have come forward to vote in opposition to Obama's commitment to wage war without Congressional approval.

Now that Constitutional issues are coming to the fore, LaRouche said, it is crucial that Congress, and the citizens, act according to principle, not party loyalty. To do the contrary is to adhere to the European parliamentary system, not the American System as established by George Washington and the great Founders of our nation.