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LaRouche Warns of New ‘9/11 Incident’
in Drive to Dictatorship

July 26, 2011 (EIRNS)—The current financial system has run out of options, and therefore "they are going for dictatorship right now," said Lyndon LaRouche in a discussion with associates on July 23. Referring in particular to the "euro" bailout of the transatlantic system cooked up in Brussels (cf. below), LaRouche pointed to the fact that there is no way that scheme could succeed, because the rate of increase of debt, relative to assets to make it fungible, is such that it would blow up. The Obama Administration and the British oligarchy know that, and therefore, they are going for dictatorship right now, because that's the only way they can maintain their system.

It is in this context that one must consider the slew of terrorist attacks and threats of the past week, including the atrocities committed in Norway. Such a pattern of developments is reminiscent of the period from January to September 2001, in which many different threats were issued that were used to mask the preparations for what became the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

In January 2001, LaRouche had already warned of a "Reichstag fire" incident, based on the character of the incoming Bush-Cheney Administration, and its propensity to go for police state measures. Then, over Spring and Summer 2001, a pattern of provocations, including a threat of eco-terrorism targeting Washington, D.C., prompted LaRouche to issue warnings of an imminent asymmetric warfare attack, which did come in the form of the 9/11 actions, carried out by Anglo-Saudi intelligence assets of the Al Yamamah covert program. The objective was dictatorship over the United States, and the effort came precariously close to fully succeeding.

Now, the situation is far more desperate, from the standpoint of the London controllers of President Obama. Events of the past week illustrate that the European and U.S. debt situations are out of control and can explode at any moment. The various "solutions" being attempted in Europe and the United States, on behalf of a defense of the oligarchical system, cannot succeed, but have created heightened conditions of chaos and instability.

Enter now the recent resurgence of threats and attacks. In addition to the horrific bloodbath in Norway on July 22, Mumbai was again hit by bombings, and alerts have been issued concerning an imminent attack on the New York City subway system. On July 23, at least four significant shooting incidents were reported in the United States, with gunmen opening fire on crowds. In addition, a larger pattern of intelligence has been assembled from overseas sources, and leads drawn from the documents captured in the raid on the Osama bin-Laden compound in Pakistan, all pointing to a climate similar to that which preceded the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks.

As the case of 9/11 illustrated most clearly, such activations both prepare the climate for, and conceal the actual intentions of a coup. By putting a series of potential threats in place, from quarters diverting attention away from the actual source of the threat, the preconditions are set both for the action and the potential for coverup.

Lyndon LaRouche warned on July 23:

"The crucial facts of the 9/11 attacks were covered up by the Bush-Cheney Administration, and that cover-up has been continued by President Obama. If you condone that continuing cover-up, you are inviting more terrorism."

He also called on Americans to be vigilant to prevent a coup against the United States, emanating out of the office of President Obama.