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LaRouche Webcast: Throw Obama Out,
Destroy Green Movement

July 26, 2011 (EIRNS)—Lyndon LaRouche, in his July 21 webcast, gave a stunning example of political leadership, in stark contrast to the cowardice and floundering of leaders in the trans-Atlantic community. He made very clear what the crucial issues are today, and what they are not.

The number one priority, LaRouche laid out, is to "get Barack Obama out of office," be it by resignation, removal under the 25th Amendment or straight impeachment. There is no basis for tolerating him as President.

"The elimination of Obama from the Presidency is the precondition for the survival of the United States" in the short term, and for the survival of the entire human race, over the long run, in taking up the challenges posed by the universe. Obama is destroying the means needed to do so.

In that context, LaRouche declared war on the scientific fraud of what calls itself "environmentalism". Behind the "Green" movement, you have an ideology based on the validity of the so-called "Second Law of Thermodynamics, which is a complete fraud." It posits that "there's a barrier in the universe, such that there's always a deterioration in terms of the potential population-density of the people of the planet."

Therefore, "the Green movement is designed, and has been for many millennia, to kill people. The motive for the killing is called the oligarchical principle," which holds that the oligarchical class must rule the world, and the people are treated as cattle, that will be reduced in numbers, kept stupid, and prohibited from having access to scientific and related knowledge."

The oligarchy objects: "If you increase the productivity of the slaves, through scientific or similar kinds of progress, then, they will take over! If they're numerous, and skilled, they will take over. Then what happens to the oligarchy?"

After all, Prince Philip of England says there shouldn't be more than two billion people on this planet, others architects of the the environmentalist movement say not more than one billion. "So who are you going to kill?", LaRouche asked.

Out of this principle, LaRouche explained, comes monetarism, which claims that money has some intrinsic value, and the more you have, the more powerful you are. This is the policy that Obama is supporting, on behalf of the British Empire. "The idea that money has value, is a swindle! Money can be spent on prostitution in New York City..., or to buy bread."

The only true value is in the physical economy, in increasing the creativity and the living conditions of the population.

LaRouche went through the ideas he has been working on together with his young scientific collaborators, on what true protection of our planet involves, which has nothing to do with the anti-growth, anti-technology propaganda of today. In fact, over the course of the existence of the Earth and as life developed, there have been mass kills of species, followed by the emergence of species of a higher order, corresponding to a general increase in the energy-flux density of living processes. "There has never been a period that corresponds to the idea of environmentalism!"

The processes in the Solar System as we know it are anti-entropic, LaRouche said again and again. "The logical, natural tendency, which rules the universe, and rules our Solar System in particular, is a constant rise, through the action especially of life, in what's called energy-flux density. So there is no such thing, as an attrition factor, in human life on Earth."

Mankind will also be confronted with the danger of mass extinction because of the nature of the Solar System, but mankind has the cognitive ability to understand the threat and to develop the means to protect itself. It will be done through science, because "mankind's natural tendency, is to make what we call discoveries in universal physical principle..., or things equivalent to that. This is not something man may or may not do. The very existence of mankind introduces this factor. We are the most important positive factor in the universe, at least as far as we know, in the territories we know.

"Human beings are the driver of progress on this planet.," LaRouche said. They are "a greater force for improvement of the universe than any other form of existence." So don't believe the crap coming out of the oligarchy, the politicians and the environmental high priests.