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'Obama Is Going Down, Fast'

Sept. 20, 2011 (EIRNS)—After two stinging defeats for Democrats in special elections on Sept. 13, Democratic political consultant James Carville said he had only one word of advice for the White House: "panic!" With his usual outspokenness, he demanded of President Obama "a plan of action that requires a complete change from the direction you are headed."

He proposed, for starters, that Obama "fire" his economic advisers, "indict" Wall Street executives who have "ruined the economic fabric of our country", and "fight" for an economic recovery. He concluded his CNN column: "The course we are on is not working. The hour is late, and the need is great. Fire. Indict. Fight."

Lyndon LaRouche was considerably more to the point

"Obama is the loser of the century, and he is about to plummet down even deeper. The message to Democrats is clear: Wake up. Don't let him bring you down with him, too."

Indeed, according to many reports, pandemonium broke out in the Democratic party after the defeat of their candidate in a special Congressional election in Brooklyn, which was widely seen as a referendum on Obama's economic policy. The same Republican who won with 54% of the vote this year had lost to his Democratic rival in Nov. 2010 by 28% (!) in this district which has been a solid Democratic stronghold since 1923.

This came on top of the uproar over Obama's jobs program in his own party. In spite of an emergency meeting with Senate Democrats on Sept. 15, no agreement was reached. In the party ranks, poverty and unemployment are the major concerns, but after Obama's speech on jobs, his approval rating plummeted again.

The President, however, is living in his own reality, far from the people. How else can one explain that, in an effort to promote his jobs plan, he visited a small North Carolina manufacturing company - which has outsourced fully half of its jobs to Costa Rica, and announces it proudly on its website? From there, Obama went on to address a group of students, where he flaunted products "stamped with three proud words: 'Made in America'."

Otherwise, the showcase of Obama's economic policy has been promoting "green jobs" and "clean energy". The model for this was the Solyndra solar panel company, which was the very first recipient of his stimulus program loan guarantees in late 2009. Unfortunately for the President, Solynda declared bankruptcy on September 5, after laying off nearly all workers at the end of August, and an investigation is ongoing into whether the White House cut corners to get the loans approved. By the way, George Kaiser, a major Obama fundraiser and frequent visitor at the White House, was a key financier of the Solyndra project.

Another indication of the change in mood comes from the Harris County (Houston) Democratic Party, which unanimously endorsed the Glass-Steagall resolution presented by the Lyndon LaRouche PAC on Sept. 15. This is the same committee that had disowned LaRouche Democrat Kesha Rogers in 2010 after she won the Democratic primary for Congress, because of her anti-Obama stance.

With all of this, Barack Obama is unraveling psychologically. And the interview which LaRouche PAC TV did on Sept. 16 with Sam Vaknin, an expert on the narcissistic personality, will likely help put him over the top. In the 45 minute discussion, Vaknin explains how a typical narcissist with Messianic illusions, collapses when faced with negative feedback and loss of adulation from the crowds, with potentially devastating consequences. Hence the importance of getting Obama out of office now.