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LaRouche: We Can Only Save Mankind
with Higher Energy-Flux Densities

Sept. 22, 2011 (EIRNS)—There are two major problems mankind faces in the context of the meltdown of the trans-Atlantic financial system, Lyndon LaRouche said on the Sept. 21 LaRouche PAC Weekly Report.

  • The first is the oligarchical system, the current world financial system, which demands that energy consumption, and growth, especially of population, be dramatically reduced, in order to maintain their Zeus-like power over the world.

  • The second is the escalating danger faced by mankind by the galactical changes which are currently producing massive weather disturbances, which could soon be followed by the kind of increase in cosmic radiation which led to mass extinction events.

The only solution, he concluded, is the immediate launching of NAWAPA, in the context of getting Obama out of office, implementing Glass-Steagall, and moving for an international credit system, in combination with Russia and China. The full show should be viewed, but we provide a crucial excerpt here.

"Throughout the world, we've had these oligarchical systems, which treat human beings, in general, as cattle, for the pleasure, and for the pleasure of killing, ordinary people!

"And so therefore, we've come to the point that people believe that we must not have too much energy, we must not have too much growth, all these things which will kill people. Now, what they're doing — this is called the oligarchical system, that's what it is. The Roman Empire, for example, is the typification of an oligarchical system. Now, the Roman Empire was followed by the Byzantine Empire which was the same piece of crap, the same evil; then you had a Venetian system, which replaced, succeeded, into the Middle Ages, and so forth, until we got the British Empire. And the British Empire, today, is openly, in its public statements, is calling for mass genocide, specifically to reduce the human species from presently about 7 billion people to less than 1! And that's the official policy of the British monarchy; that is the official policy of much of the oligarchical principle. That's the game that's being played in Europe today; that's the game that's being played against the people of the United States, and so forth and so on.

"The truth is, as we know from scientific studies, that the characteristic of nature, is that as the universe progresses, particularly our galactic system, our Solar System more narrowly, that the rate of energy-flux-density as it's called, the intensity of power, has to increase; it increases naturally. As there's the increase in required power, the power of the system increases, then you find that entire species which were once, for a time, dominant species in their time, suddenly become extinct. And you have similar quasi-extinction processes going on in between, all the time. Most of the animal species, that live, particularly furry animals and similar kinds, that live on this planet, live only because human beings protect them! We maintain cattle; we maintain all kinds of animal species which would not live without our special protection, because we depend upon them for some function which we depend upon.

"So we're now coming into a period, where we're at a collision. The rate of power, of energy-flux-density, in the Solar System and in our particular Earth, that is increasing. It must increase, otherwise, we go down!"