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LaRouche Amplifies Warning
of Fascist Coup in U.S.

Oct. 18, 2011 (EIRNS)—Lyndon LaRouche again warned starkly, in his Oct. 12 LaRouche PAC Weekly Report, of the imminent danger of a coup d'état being carried out in the United States, as a final desperate option for saving the doomed trans-Atlantic financial system. Such a fascist coup has been in the making, as we reported last week, since the Presidency of George Bush, Sr., when the essential infrastructure was set up. President Obama has since outdone the Bush-Cheney Administration, in terms of the secret apparatus for spying and covert operations put into place after the 9/11 attacks, in direct violation of the U.S. Constitution. For that, Obama has won gushing praise from Dick Cheney.

For those who remain skeptical about the possibility of pulling off such a coup in the United States today, LaRouche proposed on Oct. 12 to look back to the history of the election of Franklin D. Roosevelt. At the time, and following the 1929 Wall Street crash, forces associated with the previous government of Herbert Hoover

"had already prepared a coup to be carried out, in case he were not re-elected." Then, "the minute that Franklin Roosevelt was elected, an international coup operation was set into motion. It was set into motion by Wall Street and by the British, and the British were running Wall Street. And the grandfather of the most recent Bush President, was a key part, in supporting the Hitler operation in that period."

While the plans for a fascist takeover of the United States failed, thanks to Roosevelt himself, who struck back forcefully, the putsch in Germany, launched by the same forces, had succeeded, and Hitler was in power. "The people in Germany largely, especially the Liberals and so forth, were ridiculing Hitler: 'Aw, this bum is going to be out of there soon, we're going to have a new election, he'll be gone.' What happened was, the burning of the Reichstag, the Reichstagsbrand, was then used to set up a dictatorship in Germany, and to have this done before Franklin Roosevelt actually occupied the office of President. And a lot of people were hauled away and killed, some immediately, some later: A great butchery, which was organized by the British ... with the Wall Street crowd, as usual." The Congress and many other forces are reacting with the same blindness today, accusing LaRouche of exaggerating the danger and refusing to take the necessary measures.

LaRouche recalled when the George Bush, Sr. Administration made changes in the organization of the U.S. government to facilitate a coup process:

"That is, to take the power of the military away from the regular military, and create a new military institution which would be operating in secret, which would be prepared to make a coup against the United States. And the Obama Administration is a part of that coup, as George Bush, Jr. is also a part of that organization, and Cheney is a key figure in it."

LaRouche insisted that a part of the U.S. military has been "ruined by these crazy wars overseas, and a special group, "a private organization is now prepared to do the same thing as the Nazi apparatus did with Hitler." A new provocation, such as terrorist attacks of the type of 9/11, could suffice to set off such a coup. In that context, the story of an alleged Iranian plan to assassinate the Saudi ambassador in Washington would play into such police state measures.

President Obama, LaRouche charged, is key to pulling off the coup.

"That is why we have to get Obama out of office. He's violated the law, he's impeachable, he must go."

Once that is done, a more reasonable United States will be able to join Russia and China, in particular, in a trans-Pacific alliance for development.

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