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LaRouche: 'Nero' Obama Is
Going for Fascism; Will Patriots Defeat
the Cowards, and Oust Him in Time?

Oct. 24, 2011 (EIRNS)—This release was issued today by the Lyndon LaRouche Political Action Committee (LaRouche PAC).

In a series of urgent messages released in the aftermath of Barack Obama's barbarous murder of Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi, American statesman Lyndon LaRouche called for wartime-style resistance to the explicit drive for fascism by President Barack Obama, who is now playing out the Nero character which LaRouche first identified in April 2009.

"We are looking at the immediate disintegration of civilization," LaRouche warned. "And what you saw in that horror display in Libya, is only an example of what is waiting for many parts of this world, including inside the territory of the United States itself. Things like that, that happened to Qaddafi and company can happen here, can happen inside the United States, it can happen in various places in Europe. We're all in the range of such an enemy.

"The nominal name of that enemy, of course, is the current President of the United States, who is a raving homicidal lunatic! Who has no morality whatsoever! He's a degenerate of the most extreme degree: And everything I said, in April of 2009, goes in spades."

It's not only the extra-legal assassination of Qaddafi that reflect Obama's Nero-like criminal insanity. LaRouche also identified the assassinations of citizens of the United States, known to include Anwar al-Awlaki, his 16 year old son, and al-Awlaki's colleague Samir Khan, as harbingers of what the 'Nero' Obama is prepared to do, on behalf of his British backers and masters. Already, craven cowardice of the U.S. Congress, especially the Senate, reflects capitulation to the criminally insane Obama—and if it continues, will bring the United States itself under dictatorship.

The trigger on this crisis, LaRouche emphasized, is the breakdown crisis of the bankrupt British imperial financial system. This system is coming down now, and the British are demanding that 'Nero' Obama act to defend their system, by any means necessary. It may be days, it may be weeks—but the whole shebang is about to come down.

"This is war," LaRouche stressed, and only immediate emergency actions will address the threat to civilization which Barack Obama represents. First, immediate action to remove Obama from the power of the Presidency, through impeachment proceedings or application of the 25th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Simultaneously, immediate action to ram through the restoration of the Glass-Steagall law, currently before the Congress in the form of H.R. 1489, and apparently stalled in the Senate by the terror campaign being run by the homicidal Obama Administration.

Listen to an audio recording of LaRouche's urgent warning message of Oct. 22. Most important, take action to impeach Obama, and impose Glass-Steagall now.