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The Only Way To Stop World War III
Is To Remove Obama from Office Now

Nov. 3, 2011 (EIRNS)—Speaking on the LaRouche PAC Weekly report on Nov. 2, American statesman and economist Lyndon LaRouche delivered an unambiguous message: If President Barack Obama is not removed from office right away, the world is headed in the very short term to World War III. He detailed the situation thus:

"The background is this: In the trans-Atlantic region, we have a general economic breakdown crisis in process, in the trans-Atlantic region, entirely. The United States is on the verge of a total collapse; Europe is on the verge of a total collapse; other parts of the world are on the verge of a total collapse: I mean, a total breakdown. Not a "recession," not a depression, but a breakdown crisis. And the hyperinflation in the trans-Atlantic region is sort of like a ticking clock: It brings you up to the point where the explosion occurs. And we're in that situation now.

"At this point, you have, now, Russia, China, and India, who are the dominant features in the Asian region, or the Eurasian region, if you prefer. This region has not yet been struck by this crisis, in the way the trans-Atlantic has. So therefore, now, you have the British, with their American stooge, Obama, in the process of crashing the entire economic system of the trans-Atlantic region. We're almost at the point, where a total collapse occurs. In the meantime, you have troubles, of course, for the countries in Asia, but Russia is not in the worst condition by any means, China is strong, and India has a certain strength; and other countries in the Asian sector, or the Pacific region, have a certain degree of integrity, which is lacking in the trans-Atlantic sector.

"So now, you've got a critical point: You've got a breakdown of the British Empire, in all of its trans-Atlantic associates, except for partly Argentina, which is one of the exceptions; whereas on the other side, you have still strength, and some form of growth, not really net growth, but growth, in terms of Russia, China, India, and other Asian countries....

"At this point, you have the largest accumulated force, of U.S. military force, in the eastern part of the Mediterranean, and in the area of the Indian Ocean. Now, these forces are enormous, relatively speaking. Virtually the entire crush power for general war of the United States, is focussed on deployment of forces, or support of those forces, into that region — call it the "New Balkan" region, the area south of turkey, going into Iran, going into Pakistan. This whole area is now a New Balkan area, which is a trap, to trigger World War III.

"That's what the state is; this is our problem.

"It can be stopped. It can be stopped, if Obama is removed from office. Because if Obama were removed from office, by being impeached, or put out of action on the basis of charges against him, of mental charges, Section 4 of the 25th Amendment, where he could be out; unless he's pulled out in that fashion, we're going to have this war, as it stands now. And it's going to come on soon."

At the conclusion of the discussion, LaRouche added an additional crucial warning about the campaign he personally has led for the reinstatement of Glass-Steagall:

"If you don't go after Obama, his elimination, as your first target, you will not get Glass-Steagall."

"If you go at Obama first, you can win. If you don't go at Obama first, you're going to lose! So what is the sincerity of your commitment to Glass-Steagall, if you won' do the thing beforehand, that enables you to get Obama out and get Glass-Steagall through in the second hand? Obama out, first! Then you'll get Glass-Steagall!"

See the full LaRouche PAC Weekly report.

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