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Status of Obama Crisis

Nov. 21, 2011 (EIRNS)—The following statement by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. was released today by the Lyndon LaRouche Political Action Committee.

The conditions which prompted the British Empire to hold back on the implied time for launching the political chain-reaction which had been intended to set off a virtual “World War III” within the Eurasian continent, has created a degree of added stress within the trans-Atlantic financial-political process which might probably lead, soon, into the ouster of U.S. President Obama.

There are, presently, five leading factors in such a potential ouster of that U.S. President.

The first, and foremost among the potential for President Obama’s ouster, is the difficulties in the way of moving the permanent institutions of the U.S. defense establishment into a war which those institutions abhor as not only a silly pretext, even far worse in its clear consequences than the launching of the U.S.A.’s war in Indo-China. Such a new military adventure, if tolerated by the U.S. defense institutions, would constitute an even far greater threat to the continued existence of the U.S.A. itself than the virtual decade of the U.S. adventure in an Indo-China war.

Second: The launching of such a military adventure as that being launched by the British monarchy and the British puppet known as President Barack Obama, would have the included consequence of being what is intended to be a thermonuclear assault, which would ensure an early and rapid disintegration of the present institutions of government throughout the planet.

Thirdly: The actual source of the intention behind this adventure by the British imperial monarchy and its Obama puppet, is the British monarchy’s commitments to a campaign of genocide which is intended, according to the declaration of that monarchy, to initiate the rapid collapse of the human population of this planet, from a presently accounted seven billions persons, to one billion, or less, rapidly. That expressed intention of the British imperial monarchy, is reenforced by drastic practical changes in the policies of both European and American policies directed, shamelessly and openly, from the British monarchy and its lackeys in sundry trans-Atlantic governments, including that of the Administration of a virtual new Emperor Nero, President Barack Obama.

Fourthly: in inducing the United States to go into a general more or less global warfare, where and when a lack of actual casus belli is established, the relevant, lawful institutions of the U.S. Presidency responsible for the launching and conduct of general warfare represent a force which comes into play whenever other parts of the Presidency and Federal Legislature are tempted to play foolish and desperate games with mass homicide.

Fifthly: Were the authorship of the effort to induce the U.S.A. to engage in unlawful, reckless warfare of the sort demanded by the British monarchy, through the instrument of the British puppet known as President Barack Obama, the final decision to go to general war is taken out of the control of President Obama by the forces of the British empire itself.

The British empire, as an instrument of the British imperial monarchy, is a direct expression of four successive phases of the existence of the original Roman empire. The most essential motive of the British imperial monarchy, is the commitment to the notion of an immortal Roman Empire, of which the British monarchy is the fourth incarnation.

It is not the interest of the British nation which is at issue for the empire in the present circumstance; the rule established for the oligarchical principle of empire since no later than the Peloponnesian War, is the policy that the human species shall not be permitted to outlive the termination of that oligarchical system of the legendary Olympian Zeus which the British monarchy regards as its incarnate legacy today.

The fact that that imperial, British monarchy had selected a person with the specific attributes of an Emperor Nero, a type far worse than a mere Adolf Hitler who was actually launched (with certain subsequent regrets from London), is the key to the assigned role, as a British agent, of a President Barack Obama.

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