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LaRouche, LaRouche PAC Basement
Address Conference at
Russian Foreign Ministry University

Nov. 24, 2011 (EIRNS)—Lyndon LaRouche and members of the Basement scientific team of the LaRouche Political Action Committee were featured speakers, via prerecorded video presentations (a transcript is available), at today's opening sessions of a two-day conference held at the Moscow State Institute for International relations (MGIMO), the university of the Russian Foreign Ministry. MGIMO is Moscow's second most prominent university. Over 100 MGIMO professors, students, and guests heard LaRouche's remarks, an address recorded Nov. 14, titled "The Breakdown Crisis of the Trans-Atlantic Monetarist System and Its Political Consequences." LaRouche was introduced on the video by Basement leader Sky Shields, speaking in Russian, who also conducted a discussion with him during the 12-minute video.

LaRouche's stark presentation of the imminent danger of world war, the need for American patriots to get British puppet Barack Obama out of the Presidency, the systemic nature of the current breakdown crisis, and the happier prospects for American-Chinese-Russian cooperation in the Trans-Pacific region, rivetted the attention of the audience at the plenary session. The intervention was especially striking, by contrast with a speaker from France, who asserted that the current crisis and the one in 2008 are completely separate events, and that Europe is not really in crisis, but is only experiencing a spillover effect from the United States crisis.

The Practical Scientific Conference on Applied Analysis of Problems in Post-Crisis Development of the World Economy was the first such major, two-day event held by the Applied Economics and Business Faculty of MGIMO under its new head, the young economist Alexei Svishchov.

In the afternoon, the event continued with workshops, conducted by six different MGIMO departments. In the Stock Markets Department workshop, chaired by instructor Sergei Dyshlevsky, the featured presentation was a 40-minute video, narrated by Michael Kirsch, titled "Economic Development in Earth's Next 50 Years: a Hamiltonian Credit Policy vs. the Current Policy of Monetarism, Genocide, and War." Kirsch also greeted the audience in Russian, before guiding them through a three-part briefing:

  1. on the single, systemic crisis-process since 1971, illustrated through citations from LaRouche's speeches, given in Russia in 1995, 1996, and 2001;

  2. on the nature of a credit system, incorporating excerpts from LaRouche's Sept. 7, 2011 mini-webcast, as well as the 2009 LPAC video "Hamilton's Constitution";

  3. "Open a New World: Earth's Next 50 Years," including excerpts from several Basement videos on NAWAPA, the Arctic, and mankind's extra-terrestrial imperative.

This idea-dense video prompted requests for a repeat showing for a larger MGIMO audience in the near future.

Both videos, in English with Russian subtitles, will be accessible on RuTube and YouTube in the next few days.

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