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British Agent Gorbachov Tries
To Escalate Attack on Russia

Dec. 7, 2011 (EIRNS)—This release was issued today by the Lyndon LaRouche Political Action Committee.

Former Soviet Communist Part boss Mikhail Gorbachov, the favorite Russian politician of London strategists, has come out calling for the Dec. 4 State Duma elections to be rerun. Speaking to Interfax today, Gorbachov said, "Each day more and more Russians don't believe that the announced election results are honest. In my view, ignoring public opinion discredits the authorities and destabilizes the situation." He called on President Medvedev and Prime Minister Putin to acknowledge vote fraud, annul the December 4 results, and schedule new elections.

Coming from the British agent who acted to kill the SDI, carry out a witchhunt against its author Lyndon LaRouche, and generally implement the Imperial agenda, Gorbachov's call basically puts the British signature on the destabilization drive.

Gorbachov has been beating the drums for regime-change in Russia for the past two years. In September of 2010 he launched a project called Civil Dialogue, billed as a "nonpartisan democratic entity," and including such friends of the British Empire as Soviet-era human rights figures Lyudmila Alekseyeva and Sergei Kovalyov, neoliberal "young reformer" ex-Deputy Prime Minister Boris Nemtsov, politician Vladimir Ryzhkov, and Gorbachov's business partner Alexander Lebedev, a pal of Nat Rothschild.

On Dec. 10, 2010, Gorbachov attacked Putin in a two-page article in Novaya Gazeta, which he co-owns with Lebedev. He claimed that the "undemocratic political landscape" introduced when Putin was President, was threatening Russia's stability. "If we fail to overcome undemocratic trends, all our achievements of the previous years will come under threat," wrote Gorbachov, "Not only the democratic process, but stability as well."

Then, in February of this year, Gorbachov attacked the United Russia political party, formally headed by Putin, as a "bad copy" of the late Soviet Communist Party of the Soviet Union. He called the present Russian political system a sham, saying, "We have everything — a parliament, courts, a president, and a prime minister, but these all are to a great extent just an imitation." In an interview, Gorbachov warned: "If things continue the way they are, I think the probability of the Egyptian scenario will grow. But it could end far worse."

At the same time, Gorbachov has pushed schemes for the direct takeover of the Russian economy by British interests. In March 2009, he issued a 19-point action plan on the financial crisis, proposing "a transfer to creditors, including foreign creditors, of ownership stakes in [Russian] debtor companies [which] will ensure the flow of capital into the country...." In other words, Gorbachov pushed for Russia's core energy and metals companies to be handed to international oligarchs like the Royal Bank of Scotland, as against even Russia's home-grown "oligarchs."

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