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Was It Hillary's Error?

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Dec. 8, 2011 (EIRNS)—This release was issued today by the Lyndon LaRouche Political Action Committee.

Given my personal role in the relevant international matters, an unfortunate remark concerning Russia's Prime Minister Vladimir Putin which has been attributed to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, has been exploited to the effect of putting the possibility of avoiding a thermonuclear war into jeopardy.

So far, since an impeachable U.S. Presidency's role in the authorship of the outright murder of an already defeated and captive Libyan President Muammar Qaddafi, the immediate danger of a count-down to a thermonuclear warfare among nations, had been delayed chiefly by the opposition to such action from, chiefly, both leading general officers of the United States and carefully crafted actions from the present government of Russia.

I do not presume that the intention as such of either Hillary Clinton or Vladimir Putin is originally at fault in this case; but, there is no doubt that Mrs. Clinton's reported remarks have been a very serious blunder in their effects on the present global situation. Given the circumstances, including the role of the monstrously insane Emperor Nero-like British puppet, President Barack Obama, which I shall not explain at this time, the remarks attributed to her have been, most unfortunately, a grave mistake to have been uttered at this time. The effect has been to play into the hands of a man long-known to me as a British agent-in-fact, and a long standing personal enemy of mine and also of Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachov.

Nominally, it is to be admitted, that the U.S.A. is, most unfortunately tied to and something like a captive of a morally and mentally incompetent madman whom most American citizens presently despise, but whom most of our leading political figures have so far lacked the courage to impeach, President Barack Obama. Secretary Clinton is thus placed in the difficult position of seeking to defend U.S. interests despite her being held, virtually as a British imperial captive to a reigning, Emperor-Nero-like madman in the White House.

Just to make clear the relevant global issues presently in sight, for those who are not actually silly, or worse kissers of the British Royal, drug-pushing butt, consider the following points.

Only the warning signs from both the U.S. military leaders, combined with the valuable preponderance of sane senior circles within the veteran leadership of Israel, have exhibited actual signs of strategic competence in respect to the present British monarchy's efforts to continue its destruction of continental western Europe, combined with the Royal family's presently explicit commitment to a massive genocide.

In short, the world hovers over the steaming furore of thermonuclear genocide, at the brink of a sudden and wide-spreading eruption globally.

The essence of the crisis now menacing the world in its global entirety, is the present role of a President of the United States, who is not only a mass-murderously insane President, but a mere puppet of a British monarchy which has avowed itself determined to effect the sudden and rapid depopulation of the population of this entire planet, from a currently estimated seven billions persons, to no more than one billion. The problems of that set of British imperial circles make minor the Adolf Hitler who was lifted to power by the combined efforts of the British empire and Wall Street's Hitler boosters such as the Anglo-American gang of Wall Street's Harriman.

Some will say that the British were our allies in two World Wars. In the first so-called World War, the war itself, according to Field Marshall von Moltke, had been unleashed, as a new "Seven Years War," by means of the ouster of Germany's Chancellor Bismarck on orders of the British imperial Royal family.

Notably, Winston Churchill begged piteously for President Franklin Roosevelt's help, only when a Hitler, who had been a British puppet helped to power by the circles of France's Petain, was now was about to gobble up the British empire. This was a Britain which had wished to be rescued, temporarily, by a Roosevelt, but a Britain which often acted, during the war, through aid of some among its such rabidly racist tools as Montgomery, aiding Churchill's Britain to delay an Allied victory in Europe in one fashion or another.[1] In the meantime, Britain waited for President Franklin Roosevelt to die, so that a puppet of Wall Street and London, the Wall-Street-owned, asinine Harry S Truman could sell the United States to London. Since the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, we never really regained our United States once President John F. Kennedy and his brother Robert had been assassinated.

However, more than that must be said, urgently, at this time.

On the Subject of Nuclear War

My own introduction to the warfare of the post-John F. Kennedy time, was conditioned to a substantial degree by the outgrowth of my part in the founding of what became influential as the Fusion Energy Foundation (FEF). My own most significant role in that setting was developed during a period of my sojourns in Germany, during the period following my U.S. Presidency candidacy of 1976 against the Democratic Party pack during Brzezinski's orchestration of the Jimmy Carter campaign. During the late Summer and my preparations for a new U.S. Presidential candidacy, conceptions respecting thermonuclear fusion had been built up, especially since my 1976 campaign, to the point that my strategic outlook and intentions for the next elected Presidency were already based upon the urgency of an outlook which I adopted during the Summer and Autumn of 1977, of what I identified then as a strategic defense initiative.

The first question which I was obliged to consider was the implication of the role of thermonuclear, rather than merely nuclear weaponry. It was evident, that only a feasible form of total systems of defense against the deployment of either thermonuclear or nuclear weapons, were practicable; furthermore that the response to this fact must be a practicable policy of strategic defense against systems of delivery for thermonuclear assaults as such.

Thus, when my earlier negotiations and related advocacies on behalf of both the United States and certain western and other European partisans, and discussions with leading Indian circles were superseded by, first, the London-connected Yuri Andropov. and the similarly pro-British Mikhail Gorbachov sought to destroy the effort at establishing a mutual defense between the U.S.A. and its associates, on the one side, and the Soviet Union on the other, I presented the warning that the posture of the Andropov regime would tend to ensure the crack-up the Soviet system within five years, as it did.

Unfortunately, the U.S. Congress rejected President Reagan's declared support of what had been precisely my design for strategic defense, and that led to the process of accelerating wreckage left by President George H.W. Bush, and, despite President Clinton's entertaining a defense policy, the net collapse of the U.S. economy over the entirety of the recent more than two decades.

The childish belief that warfare and like enterprises are analogous to sport enterprise among rival teams, which is the game into which Hillary Clinton was ensnared by the pressures radiating from criminal lunatic President Obama, is the only competent assessment of the remarks which, evidently, Mrs. Clinton was induced to utter, apparently without any competent advice from available, relevant intelligence resources.

The essential fact at this moment, is that either the United States has the brains and guts to accept the option represented by Prime Minister Putin, or the entire planet is probably at the verge of a visit to thermonuclear Hell.

The only safe outcome, would require the immediate ouster of a clinically insane British puppet-President of the United States, Barack Obama. Since the Republican candidates are hopelessly incompetent, and since Obama is worse than all of them combined, we now require the notion of a cooperative form of government united under a Democratic replacement for Barack Obama. This new Presidency must be a combination from the ranks of both those Parties which are patriotic first, and not partisan in any of the customary partisan electoral side-shows.

[1] From the professional best of Rommel's fleeing forces, it is attested that had brutish "Market Garden" Montgomery ever had the wit or courage to flank Rommel's then fatally vulnerable, retreating forces, Rommel's forces would have never escaped to face the assault by Patton's forces in western North Africa, and the defeat of Hitler would have come much, much earlier in the remaining time to come. Today, we are witness to a similar folly in the post-John F. Kennedy wars of the U.S.A. to date, whereas the brains of MacArthur and Eisenhower had been still at the disposal of a still-living President John F. Kennedy. Since that assassination of President John F. Kennedy and his brother, the United States, wasted again and again in the folly of useless permanent warfare in the style of the notorious British spy "Parvus," has been assigned to leave U.S. forces and the U.S. economy to rot on behalf of the British imperial monarchy.

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