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Metaphor: The Substance of the Universe

Dec. 17, 2011 (EIRNS)—Today's webcast by the LaRouche PAC Basement Science Team, "A Policy Initiative for the Survival of the Human Species," featured riveting presentations by Sky Shields and Cody Jones, was introduced by Matthew Ogden. Ogden also moderated the discussion by Shields and Jones of the many questions received from around the world, for an exciting three-hour dialogue. There were audiences listening live in many U.S. cities, throughout the Americas via a simulcast translation into Spanish, and internationally.

Watch the archived webcast. A transcription is being prepared.

Matthew Ogden opened the webcast with a hard-hitting situation report on today's "awesome moment of world history," with the economic breakdown spiral, the threat of thermonuclear war, and the British Empire intention to impose doom. He reminded people of the strategic counter-offers of collaboration for what should be allied action by Russia, China and the United States: the Bering Strait bridge, Arctic Circle development, IGMAS, and the Strategic Defense of the Earth. He posed the questions: Is mankind fit to survive? Are we as individuals, ready to act? Ogden closed out the webcast by again reminding people, we are hours away from war. LaRouche PAC will be on watch and on full mobilization into the New Year and beyond.

The Case of the Arctic

Sky Shields began by taking up the theme of the difference between brain and mind, and of understanding the principle involved in having a truly human self-identity. "The human individual is not localizable to the human body."

Shields gave an account of the looting of Russia, since the end of the USSR, in terms of "the looting in the domain of mind" that went on in accompaniment to the sell-off of national resources and assets. This has been the characteristic process everywhere under the age of British Empire. Shields presented, using animations, some key concepts, centered on energy flux density and relative population potential. What is required, is to break with the collapse process.

In this context, Shields presented "the case of the Arctic," in multiple respects, including NAWAPA, new cities, new shipping routes, and overall, in deliberately fostering breakthroughs in understanding, and making hospitable, conditions that are currently inhospitable. Our mission is to pursue "mankind's destiny in stewardship of the Solar System and beyond."


Cody Jones began with the question, how is lightning formed? He presented imaging of lightning strikes from differing extended senses—x-rays and radio frequency waves. He made the point that, "lightning is a singular expression of a large and complex dynamic." But, Jones asked, what's behind this? The human mind is what deploys the sensoria to bring it all together.

Jones went on to present, using many animations, the various exciting sets of observations on Schumann resonances, harmonic patterns, and the coherence of background pulsation in our electromagnetic environment, with EEG brainwaves. He drew out the principle that life is creating conditions for yet more evolved conditions to support still higher forms of life. We are summoned to move out of the domain of senses, and into the domain of mind.

Questions and Answers

Questions were taken from several members of the national LaRouche Democrat slate of six; from Prof. Sergey Pulinets, in Moscow, at the Fyodorov Institute for Applied Geophysics; from a scientist associated with the Apollo lunar sample program; Ilja Karpowski, at the Mexico City LaRouche Movement meeting; Ms. Haruka Seito, in Japan; Ms. Rosina Castillo in Argentina; Mr. Israel Fajardo in Houston; from a group at Stanford University in California; from activists in Ireland; and from a meeting this morning in Seattle, including LaRouche slate Congressional candidate Dave Christie, Sam Little, former candidate for Governor of Alaska, and Hal Cooper, transportation engineer and longtime advocate for the Bering Strait rail link to an expanded world rail network.

Questions ranged from requesting a renewed update on the Rim of Fire, to what is the impact of the low-level of world leaders, to what should be the perspective on Antarctica, and what is our connection across history with leading figures, in terms of non-linear time. In their responses, Cody and Sky repeatedly spoke of the theme that immortality is metaphor. And immortality is NOT something that happens after you die.

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