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British Writing Obama's Script for
Syrian Trigger for World War III

Dec. 29, 2011 (EIRNS)—This release was issued today by the Lyndon LaRouche Political Action Committee (LPAC).

A posting on The Cable, a blog of Foreign Policy magazine, Dec. 28, headlined the creation of a secret committee by the Obama Administration, which is preparing "options" for aiding the Syrian opposition. The process, led by NSC Senior Director Steve Simon, involves only a few select officials from State, Defense, Treasury, and other relevant agencies. It is unusually small, presumably to prevent media leaks, and bypasses the normal channels of Interagency Policy Committee, Deputies' Committee, and Principals' Committee meetings. A key participant is Fred Hof of State, who called the Syrian government a "dead man walking" earlier this month.

After reviewing the fact that intervention in Syria is likely to be much more "complicated" than that in Libya, the posting suddenly shifts to the options paper produced by the Syrian National Council, the London-based "opposition" which has recently called for international military intervention. Lo and behold, that policy paper, entitled "Safe Area for Syria," ends up as a virtually word-for-word reprint of the call for military intervention issued earlier this month by London's Henry Jackson Society (HJS), a Round Table descendant committed to the Empire program of perpetual war and the end of the nation state. The Henry Jackson Society piece was more explicit, titled "Intervention in Syria?"

The only difference in content between the two documents is that the SNC paper says that on Dec. 19, the group "formally endorsed foreign military intervention for Syria," a step the HJS document had demanded they take in their document, which was released earlier.

The brief for a military attack on Syria was written by Michael Weiss, communications director of the Society. But don't let the relative obscurity of Weiss fool you. The HJS has enlisted such foaming-at-the-mouth American neo-cons as James Woolsey, Richard Perle, William Kristol, and Josh Muravchik, with Obama's choice as Moscow Ambassador, Michael McFaul — all under the direction of such British heavyweights as Rt. Hon. Michael Ancram, 13th Marquess of Lothian, grandson of Round Table Leader Philip Kerr, 11th Marquess of Lothian — and Sir Richard Dearlove, Tony Blair's choice for head of British SIS, 1999-2004.

The blueprint was supposedly edited by British puppet Syrian dissident Ausama Monajed, the same who provides all the purported daily death-totals of demonstrators killed by Assad which are featured in the international press and given further credibility by the United Nations. The options-paper, titled "Safe Area for Syria," was given the imprimatur of Monajed's London-based "Strategic Research and Communication Centre." We recap:

The first part of the document is an open search for some "pretext" (their word) for foreign military intervention. If the Security Council will not call for intervention, any mere condemnation of the Assad government might serve as such a "pretext," the British author says. If not the Security Council, then try the UN General Assembly — a UNGA resolution provided such a pretext for the Korean War in 1950, he writes.

Weiss then proceeds to today's version of the Iraq "cakewalk" argument. Syria is militarily weak and can offer no effective resistance. Iran will complain but not intervene. Hizbullah can do nothing. Russia will not act, no matter what they say. It is from such insane denial of reality, that holocausts are made.

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