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LaRouche Issues Strategic Assessment:
Still on the Edge of War

Feb. 2, 2012 (EIRNS)—On Tuesday evening, Jan. 31, Lyndon LaRouche issued the following strategic assessment.

"First of all, there is now an understanding between the Democratic Party and the Republican Party, of a very peculiar type, in which no one in the Democratic Party is going to oppose Obama. They're shutting up, they will not oppose Obama. Now, that is rather significant, because in view of what is in process now, the process now, is the British Empire, which is now in an aggravated condition, because what it had under control earlier is no longer under control. What happened was that the delay in launching the attack on Syria and Iran, which was supposed to occur as a byproduct of the death of Qaddafi, was delayed by several factors, including importantly, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, U.S. military.

"What happened in the meantime, which is the reason the British were in a rush on this with Obama, was the intention was to use Europe as a key part of the alliance for attacking Russia, China, and so forth. Because this war was not intended to be a war of Israel attacking Iran! The attack by Israel on Iran was intended, but it was intended for the reason to have the attack on Iran trigger a chain reaction set up, for a thermonuclear attack by the United States and its allies, in this operation against Russia and China.

"So what you're looking at, is a full-scale thermonuclear war attack, on Russia and China, and others. That's the intention. Since that time, since that particular time, what has happened is the breakup of the euro system, which is now in process, means that the thing is no longer the way it was before. And the fact that Jacques Cheminade was featured, because of the points he does have, 500 supporters for ballot status in the Presidential election preamble, he is therefore a leading candidate against Sarkozy. Well, what that's going to mean is not settled, but that's the condition, and it typifies the condition.

"So therefore, the point has been reached, that it's up to the British, etc., themselves, to organize the war against Asia, and the principal targets are Russia and China. And Russia and China are allied in this issue. Both of them are thermonuclear powers. The British and the United States are thermonuclear powers; a war between the United States and these nations in Asia, is a thermonuclear war, which means, if it actually happens, would be a virtual extermination of much of this planet and the people on it. But the British are determined to carry that out, and Obama is their instrument.

"Now, if Obama were not in control, such a war could not be organized. So the elimination of Obama from the Presidency, as soon as possible, on the obvious grounds for his elimination from office, is the only thing which would guarantee reasonable expectation of survival for people in the United States, as well as in Europe and in Asia.

"But now, the Presidency of the United States is in the hands of a fascist pig, and the Democratic Party, man for man, among elected Democrats, is not going to do anything now, to oppose Obama: They're going to support Obama! ...

"China and Russia have now had a de facto alliance against the enemy, against the British enemy and what that represents. Because the United States on behalf of the British Empire, is going full-steam, to a commitment in the early future to a thermonuclear war, from which you will not survive.

"Now, the intention is, the British are going through the routine: What they are doing now, is they are threatening, in hopes that their intimidation efforts will cause Russia and China to make concessions. If Russia and China, or either of them, make concessions, the human race is probably going to be pretty nearly extinct. Because, if they go, if Russia and China were to capitulate, and negotiate, then the kill would happen anyway, because the British intention is that. So therefore, the only thing we've got to do, we've got to get some of the Democrats and others convinced they've got to change their minds: And dump this Obama! If they don't dump Obama, probably one of these horror shows will be what happens.

"If we don't stand up, there's no chance. There's no chance: Because without something in the United States, fighting against this, there's no chance of saving civilization, whether through thermonuclear warfare, or otherwise.

"So therefore, that's the situation. That's the seriousness of the situation, and that has to be the basis of our policy."

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