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LaRouche PAC Weekly Reports Feature
Breakthroughs in Economic Science

Feb. 2, 2012 (EIRNS)—In two consecutive LPAC Weekly Reports, aired Jan. 26 and Feb. 1, Lyndon LaRouche and members of the LPAC Scientific Basement team have broken new ground in economic science, presenting a documentable, scientific argument for the law of anti-entropic growth of the biosphere, including human economy.

It is only when this law of anti-entropy is violated, that mass extinctions occur, argued Basement leader Sky Shields. But, since the world today is dominated by an oligarchical financial/economic system which demands entropy, austerity, and collapse, mankind is indeed threatened with extinction—if not by the thermonuclear war now being pursued by the British and the Obama Administration, then by a New Dark Age.

EIR's Feb. 3 edition features the first of the two reports, entitled "The Economics of Extinction and the Principle of Progress," and the Feb. 10 edition will feature an edited version of the second. However, there is no substitute for actually watching the videos, which include animations that cannot be presented in print.

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