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Nearing the Hyperinflationary Explosion

Feb. 4, 2012 (EIRNS)—This release was issued today by the Lyndon LaRouche Political Action Committee.

A senior U.S. intelligence official has warned that the Inter-Alpha Group-centered European private banking system is going to need an estimated €5 trillion in zero-interest loans this year, to avert a total crash. The source commented on Friday, Feb. 3 on the fact that European banks have already told the European Central Bank that they will need €1 trillion in discount borrowing before the end of February. In effect, with illegal secret backing from the U.S. Fed, the ECB is running a European carry trade, issuing near zero-interest loans to banks so they can turn around and buy up European sovereign debt, at 5-7% yields or more. The "profits" are booked by the banks to cover for the fact that they are hopelessly bankrupt. The source further explained that much of the sovereign debt that the banks are buying cannot be paid. Portugal, Spain, Italy and Ireland are in the same boat as Greece. It is estimated that Portuguese debt will ultimately be redeemed at most at 30% value, Spanish debt at 40% value. Italian debt is totally unpredictable.

The source emphasized that the €1 trillion being demanded this month is but a fraction of what the banks will need over the coming months, and that we have reached a point of "hyperinflationary explosion" that cannot be postponed for much longer. The threshold for an explosion was reached a year ago, the source concluded, and it is only a matter of weeks or months, at the most, before the whole system detonates. Despite Angela Merkel's claim that Greece is a "unique case," and that the haircut being negotiated between the Greek government and private bondholders will not be repeated elsewhere in Euroland, the fact is that the Greek deal—if it is ever finalized—will set the framework for Portugal, Ireland, Spain and Italy.

Commenting on this report on Friday evening, Lyndon LaRouche emphasized that this is why the British Monarchy cannot delay any longer the plans for a thermonuclear war, involving the United States, Russia and China. Already, he noted, their timetable has been thrown way off, due to war-avoidance efforts led by the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, Russia, China and others. Now, the European and trans-Atlantic financial system is at a break point, and the British Monarchy has so far been unable to yet trigger the global thermonuclear conflagration that they desperately seek, to save their dying Fourth Roman Empire system.

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